Chew Toys For Dogs

There are currently thousands of accessories and toys in the market for your pets, even specialty stores where you can find everything like food, clothes, toys, etc. With the daily market pet energy, new products that will not only keep you entertained new, but allow you to do physical exercise through sports development activities and mentally, help your furry friend a healthy With the ability to be an animal and learn new things. We want to show you the toys that will undoubtedly be the best investment for your pet and not only that we will tell you how to help your dog and why they are the best on the market. For healthier chew toys you can visit

1. Balls:

Did you know that dogs love balls? Yes, love them and no matter the color, material and size are always going to play with them, yet you do any ball because some material that can even drugged makes a small ball choking Cannot give, so is done with, but do not worry balls, a threat to your dear friend, because they are made with materials that do not harm the health of your dog. There is a size that prevent swallowing, bright colors make many sounds on the market variety and have fun like your pet crazy. Do you want to exercise your dog? Buy him a ball.

2. Toy Kong:

This toy is one of the most famous worldwide, it was designed for dogs but cats love it too, it has many designs but in the end they all serve the same purpose, calling attention of their pets. , Play and receive prizes, made of materials that are not toxic and are very easy to fill. Basically the rewards of placing it (tuna balls, croquettes, dog biscuits etc.) are included inside the toy and for your pet they should get, it keeps them entertained and exercised because it is a toy that bounces easily.

3. Trenza mordadera:

Morderera ponytail is a great way to entertain your dog, usually made of rope, cloth, carnaza or threads made of colored states, these types of toys are a good choice when you want to cut off your shoes or furniture, especially When they are puppies that have been itching in the gums for the first months since teeth have been coming out, you can also use it for a train or a simple game. It is important that you wash them continuously as they are usually the source of infection as they are materials that come in contact with the soil.

4. Plastic toy type bone:

These toys are usually brightly colored with different sizes and many of them make sounds, one of the most popular toys because they are soft and they have the sound that your pet Other bones to draw attention to are textures that allow your dog to experiment with visual forms. Do not forget that it should be washed once or twice a week to avoid digestive problems.

5. Braided balls:

Braid balls have very little in the market and have become very popular among dogs according to their size, plastic has two presentations, the most popular is the way inside the bell, it has the ability to bounce, and the other presentation is in fabric threads. It does not emit sound but it still entertains your pets. To be more specific toys you usually find them in pet stores.

6. Stuffed animals:

Were teddies, are with them and will be a special toy for dogs, move on the muzzle, sleep and play stuffed animals are the most popular ducks, bears and zoo animals (giraffes, monkeys are In between, elephants etc.) When you have puppies, stuffed animals are excellent choices for calming individual anxiety (mother-child or siblings). As the bone or meat in the market, with bells, dense, springy ones, you know your pet so that you can definitely choose the best for him.

So, above all are the healthy chew toys for your dogs. Those toys are totally healthy and popular among the pet lovers.