Filipino Women Better

The world and society itself has surrounded much of its sense of beauty, education and feminine standards around western culture for the past 100 years or so. Undoubtedly no specific people are perfect, but Filipinas have truly risen above these stereotypes. They have shown strong cultural values, morals and principles traits western women have truly lacked.

If you are interested in dating Filipino women, you have definitely made the right choice! Get ready to transform your life for the better as these women will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.


First and foremost, Filipino women take culture very seriously, their very morals and traditions are sacred to them and due to that they are unique. They have their own sense of clothing, food, marriage and a totally different lifestyle. This gives them a sense of pride.

In comparison, the west consists of an array of cultures, but this results in no specific culture and tradition. Therefore western women are not unique and lead lives according to western stereotypes and media. They value pop culture references and majorly accepted ideas making their lives overcomplicated. This comes at the cost of a lack of culture and tradition.

When it comes to Filipino women, they are true romantics and they put their heart and souls into their relationships. They strive to marry men of merit and give materialistic views a second look. Divorce is illegal in the Philippines so commitment is a family staple. Marriage is highly encouraged, with a sense of feminism being shunned as Filipinas take equity in holding up their part of their houses in the form of chores, childcare and more.

On the contrary, Western culture has shown quite the opposite, women play a quote-unquote, “hard to get”, and lose the ability to simply converse and or flirt with males without insulting and shifting the conversation to arguments on the basis of their beliefs. When it comes to marriage divorce rates have skyrocketed in the last years and countries such as America have an almost 50 percent divorce rate amongst couples. Western women also strongly believe in feminism and independence in all spheres of life resulting in them not even upholding normal tasks at home.


Then comes tolerance, Filipina women are well regarded for being a truly tolerant lot. Filipina women though emotional handle situations with tolerance and patience. They uphold these rare virtues and remain steadfast with them. This gives them strong characters and makes them resilient. Providing necessary support in difficult situations.

On the other hand, western women show a much different attitude in the face of difficulty, lack of patience and a no tolerance attitude make life an endless challenge. They lack ambition and patience therefore making them simple and alike. This lack of foresight make them miles behind the passionate Filipinas.

Religion makes up a major part of Filipina women lifestyle. They emphasize greatly upon religion with 90 percent of Filipina women being devout Christians. They avoid compromising on any basis and maintain their beliefs throughout. This applies to her relationships, actions and morals.

Western women are quite the opposite. Religious diversity is vast, not only that but every other woman’s beliefis very different than those of others. Furthermore, compromise is an everyday act when it comes to religion with acts like fornication, adultery, and severe intoxication becomes astaple in an average western woman’s lifestyle.


Then comes beauty ideals which drastically differs in expression and ideology. In western thinking, beauty is youth and outer appearance. This is why western women choose clothing and makeup as a common form of expression, unlike Filipino women who choose simplicity in attire and do not exaggerate the use of makeup products. To them, moral values are of utmost importance.


Efficient and balanced lifestyles are mainly adopted. The last but not least reason to marry a woman from the Philippines is that women are not consumed with high standards of life. The truth is Western women are under the influence of today’s media which show theman ideal but unrealistic fantasy of life, largely impossible to maintain. Unlike women from a developed country, these ladies do not require large sums of wealth for satisfaction.

In conclusion, Filipino women hold a more natural thinking on life and avoid materialism. They have strong beliefs and love a natural view on life. Without having to maintain sums of wealth with larger than life views. They find ways to be satisfied and smile throughout life. Showing superiority to western females.