Keep Pest Out of Your House

It’s inevitable, no matter how clean you are, that pest will somehow find their way into your household. So is that it? Is this the only way to live now? Thankfully, the answer to those questions is a big ‘no’! Of course, there are a number of tips and tricks available for you to utilize so that you can keep critters and all kinds of pests out of your house. The key is to make sure that you take care of the situation inside out.

Keep The Moisture Out

Moisture is the welcome sign that is set out for bugs and rodents of all kinds. So if you want to be sure that you’re doing everything you need to do to keep them away, then make sure that your house is devoid of moisture. Most pests breed in moist environments, or need water to drink. Get a dehumidifier and make sure that the hard to reach spot are always dry in your household, pay special attention to your bathrooms and kitchen. 

Get Professional Help

Make it a habit to get the professionals in every once in a while to do a thorough check and damage control all over your house, and outside as well. There are some problems that are just better off left to the pros. These include things such as rat infestations. People from City Pests who specialize in understanding how rodents and pests function provide comprehensive and detailed explanations on how you can identify what kind of pest you have, and also how they can help you get rid of it. It’s important that you’re well informed about the different kinds of rodents and pests out there so that you’re also aware of how harmful they can be, and what you need to do to make sure that they don’t infect you or anyone in your family.

Nature’s Helping Hand

There is really nothing quite like turning to natural ingredients to keep pests and rodents away. This is especially effective if you live in a household that has pets and children that are susceptible to touching areas. You don’t want to risk poisoning them with heavy chemicals that can be dangerous. With a bit of research, you’ll be happy to find that many spices that you probably already have in your pantry can effectively keep bugs away, and these are ingredients that you can also use outdoors, in your garden or around any openings that may be risky. 

Cleanliness Is Godliness

You already know the value of cleanliness! But it’s a good idea to also know what kind of ingredients can be helpful to use as you clean, to keep bugs and rodents away. Vinegar is effective, as well certain essential oils - if you add them to your water as you mop up the floor or when wiping down surfaces, you’ll be doing yourself a favor because there’s no way the bugs will venture close to them. Make your life easier too by placing a cleaning cloth and spray around the house where you know members of the family might make a mess, so that it becomes a habit for everyone to clean up and wipe down after themselves. This will make a big difference in keeping the critters away.

Inspect The Outdoor Area

We know that the source of all pests and rodents is from the outdoors, and while it’s impossible to eliminate them entirely, it’s not impossible to be smart about how you tend to your outdoor area so that you’re not attracting them to be curious about entering your house. Always trim the shrubbery and get rid of weeds. If you have a bird feeder or a birdbath, make sure that you take the necessary steps needed to keep it clean and also utilize the tools available to keep rodents away from them.

Seal Everything

You are bound to miss a couple of cracks and openings that are around your house. So do a thorough inspection. Everywhere! The corners of the walls and ceilings, behind furniture, where there is piping or holes drilled for electrical appliances, don’t leave an inch uncovered! This way, you’ll be able to either seal it entirely using a bit of cement, or you can have some mesh material to allow the air in, but absolutely nothing else!

Your Lighting Is Important

Lighting attracts many flying insects. The solution to this is to have bulbs that give off orange or pink hues because these tend to be less attractive to them. Also think about where you place the lighting. It helps to not have the light directly on areas like windows or your doors - have them set up on poles for instance, and pointing towards the direction that you want illuminated rather than having it right there more info cockroachremovaltoronto.


The way you store your clothes and your food will make a big difference in keeping the pests away. Be sure to have every single thing in your kitchen in a sealable item, no matter what it is, because the smallest bug can always find a way in if it finds something it likes on your home. The same goes for your clothes - clean out regularly so that you’re not promoting stuffiness and moisture, which we have already mentioned the bugs and critters love!

Take Out The Trash!

The Trash

Of course, this one is a given, but it cannot be emphasized enough how important it is that you take out your trash as regularly as possible. Always have trash cans that have lids that seal well, and always take out the trash daily, or even twice a day if need by. Be sure to clean the trash cans themselves from time to time, and also be sure that the outdoor trash can is a decent distance away from your house, and closes well and preferably with a seal too. You may have to dish out a bit of cash to get better trash cans, but you’ll be thankful when you don’t have any unwanted guests in your garden or home!

Just because pests and rodents are living around us in nature, it doesn’t mean that they have to be a part of our household. If you’re meticulous and careful enough, and follow the tips and tricks provided, you’ll be sure to have a pest-free home, all the time!