Weight Gain Simulator

Weight gain means an increase in body weight. This may include an increase in fat deposits, muscle mass, surplus fluids like water or some other factors. Such increase in weight may be a sign of a serious medical issue. When weight gain is not connected to a particular health issue, other causes might include lack of sleep, anxiety, depression or stress, water retention due to excess salt or dehydration, being less active physically, metabolism going down with age, menopause and peri-menopause, menstrual cycle and eating more.

If you want to get into your best shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle you will have to start a healthy living programmes.

The Weight Gain Simulator

First of all, measure your waist around your navel area and feed it into a Weight Gain Simulator. Then take a picture of yourself to compare it with at the end of the programme. The simulator you will be using will automatically keep a track of your waist measurement. Even if gaining weight is not the priority you can opt for either of the two to keep your shape under check.

Some Other Ways By Which You Can Control Your Weight

Another healthy way to control your weight (that includes bringing up your weight to an appropriate level according to your height and age) is maintaining a proper diet chart. Some food items can help you add muscle in the necessary parts of your body. You can include healthy oils and fats, full fat yoghurt, whole eggs, cheese, dark chocolate, cereal bars, healthy cereals, avocados, whole grain bread, dried fruit, protein supplements, oily fish like salmon, starches and potatoes, red meats, nut butters and nuts, rice, milk and homemade protein smoothies. Follow a weekly transition through your diet chart and feed the statistics onto your WEIGHT GAIN SIMULATOR to keep track of even the minor changes.

How Does A Weight Stimulator Keep You Motivated?

Some simulators award points to its users to keep them engaged and motivated. Every short goal you set for yourself will earn you points after you achieve them in a short period. This not only motivates you to stay determined to your diet plan but also encourages you to stick to your fitness regime. These points are divided into several categories starting from health, mind-set to sleep, consumption of water in a day. Other domains include exercise and a proper healthy diet.

If you think you are one to take up any challenge, you can sign up for those 30 days or 90 days challenge. In these challenges, you upload your current stats on the simulator and set up a goal for yourself. Your goal must include a perfect figure considering your age and height and not go overboard. Fancying a body type should never come in the way of a healthy lifestyle. Throughout your said challenge, all you have to do is focus on clean eating, health and fitness. One bright side to these programmes is the fact that it has a long term result.


Once you have adapted to this healthy lifestyle you would not want to let go. Gaining weight is as difficult is losing weight. Hitting the right numbers can prove to be quite a task. To make sure that you’re not going overboard make sure you’re tracking and monitoring your results now and then through the weight gain simulator.