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How to Improve your Health and Fitness Using Apps

Whether you are a fitness aficionado or just starting out, everyone can benefit from the myriad of fitness and health apps out there. In fact, it is one of the fastest growing areas in the IT industry with a market volume in the billions.

Apps have made fitness affordable and accessible and will help you monitor your progress and set realistic goals. There are also online communities built within these apps which will connect you with other health lovers who will motivate, inspire and push you (a little competition doesn’t hurt). If you are looking to get fit, eat more healthily or sleep better, listen to these apps to support you in your health journey:

Apps for fitness

  • MyFitnessPal. Free to download for both Android and iPhone devices, MyFitnessPal integrates with most fitness apps and helps you track your weight-loss journey by monitoring your food intake and calories, steps and workouts. By quickly and easily entering your food consumption, the app will help you reach your goal calories and improve your health choices. There is even a barcode scanner which allows you to scan food items.
  • Strava. This app uses GPS to monitor where you travel during outdoor workouts, including running, cycling and rowing. You can set yourself goals, keep track of all your exercises and see the workouts and challenges other Strava users are posting. It is a perfect app if you want to stay motivated with your fitness and connect to like-minded health enthusiasts. It is free to use for both Android and iPhone users and syncs up with your smartwatch or MyFitnessPal.

Apps for eating

  • Plant Nanny. We all know that drinking an adequate amount of water every day is essential. Plant Nanny helps you do just that by tracking your daily water intake in a fun way. An animated plant within the app is kept alive by the regular cups of water you consume and will grow the more you “water” it. It will also show you your water-drinking history, calculate your recommended intake and give you various plants to care for.
  • Fooducate. Knowing what goes into your body is an important part of health and one that has been made easy by the app Fooducate. It not only gives you calorie information but helps users understand the full scope of what they are consuming by listing the pros and cons of the product. You can track your food intake and scan barcodes to find out the nutrition value of a product. It is free on both Android and iPhone devices.

Apps for meditation and sleep

  • Calm. While it is essential to find the support of a licensed therapist like those on if you are struggling with mental health issues, apps like Calm is dedicated to improving your mental well-being by helping you meditate and sleep better as well as ease symptoms of anxiety. It features breathing techniques, various guided meditations, music stations to soothe your mind, masterclasses by experts on health and video lessons of gentle stretching methods. It is free on both Android and iPhone devices with a premium subscription available.
  • Sleep Cycle. Sleep is vital to good mental and physical health; it removes built up toxins in your body, heals and repairs blood vessels and balances your hormones. This free app tracks your quality of sleep and your heart rate while you snoozing and will help you see where sleeping improvements can be made. It also wakes you up at your lightest sleep phase, so you got up well-rested and energised for the day.
With the variety of health and fitness apps free to download at the touch of your finger, exercising, eating well and de-stressing is more accessible and more comfortable than ever. Taking care of your mind and body is one of the most important things you can do, and these apps are here to help you do just that; the payoff will certainly be worth it.

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