Most leaders are passionate about positively influencing the emerging talent around them. They encourage, support and nurture their team’s abilities and emotional intelligence. They ensure the development of strong team culture and emotional wellbeing. The main goal of leaders is to accomplish the mission of creating a secure foundation to embrace the individuality of every team member.

However, leadership often comes coupled with a set of personal challenges: workplace stress, ever-increasing workloads, and potential mental health issues. Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress are becoming common in the workplace. Sometimes, the workload, deadlines, and duties disrupt our wellbeing including our physical, mental, and emotional faculties. It is becoming more common that leaders question their abilities due to their inability to tackle said challenges. The need is to identify, minimize, and hopefully, prevent mental health risks for leaders is more necessary than ever.

According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, one in five Canadians will experience a mental health issue or illness this year. Leaders of organizations are not exempt. They may be at more risk due to the ever-growing pressure they face daily.
Mental Health Coaching
Mental health coaching for leaders can help them identify the underlying factors causing their anxiety and stress. Mental health coaching can assist leaders in developing awareness for both their own and their team’s wellbeing. Typical outcomes of mental health coaching for the mental health of leaders include improved empathy (and self-empathy), increases emotional intelligence, greater creativity and decision making, and enhanced general wellbeing.
Why Consider Mental Health Coaching?
A business or organization is only as good as its leaders. The performance (and mental health) of management has a direct impact on the performance of the company. Leaders not only shape organizational culture but necessarily influence their staff’s morale and output. Mental health coaching for leader provides an opportunity to ensure management is performing at their best. As they are constantly under pressure, they require their own ‘self-care’ initiatives. Mental health coaching is just that, an investment in self-care.
Why Choose Paul Jozsef Coaching?
Paul Jozsef Coaching offers mental health coaching to executives and business leaders. Paul is an experienced and qualified mental health care professional. Using a combination of traditional business coaching, positive-psychology and mindfulness practices, Paul helps leaders develop better communications skills, empathy and stress-management techniques. These skills are not only useful in the office, but also at home with the family.
Paul Jozsef coaching works in four interwoven ways:
1)    Goal settinghelping you articulate exactly what you would like to achieve, be it a financial target or a mental health goal.
2)    Overcoming obstaclesgetting to the bottom of what’s holding you back. It may be a self-defeating belief or simply a poor sleep regime. Paul will help make you aware of your blockages.
3)    Strategiesmoving past your obstacles with a plan to achieve your goals in a healthy, timely and realistic manner.
4)    Accountability is it one thing to say you’re going to achieve a goal; it is another thing entirely to do it. Paul will work with you to ensure you are able to reach your targets.