Amazon FBA

If you have featured your good on Amazon to reach out to more buyers, but unable to manage all the shipping, tracking, returns and refunds all alone Amazon got your back. Fulfilment by Amazon or FBA takes care of all your shipments. You can store your goods at their godowns or storage spaces, and when you get an order, they’ll deliver it on your behalf. Here’s how you can register for FBA:
  • Visit the link
  • Under ‘Services’ dropdown, click the option ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’.
  • You’ll get redirected to a new page where you can an option says, ‘Enroll for FBA today’. Click on it.
  • You need to fill the details in the new page and submit the registration.
Once you submit the request, your part id done. Amazon team will contact you and make sure that the process goes smoothly and creates your account.

Fulfilment by Amazon is one of the most excellent product by Amazon. It makes the sellers live so much easier. FBA lets you stock up your goods at their storage and Amazon itself takes care of the Pickup, Drop, shipping and customer services. But to get all these perks, you need to get FBA setup right and market your products well. Here are some of the tips for it:

Warehouse Workers:

Usually, Amazon storage centres will have lakhs of products lying around. It’s difficult to know or remember how to pack an individual product. So, while storing your commodities, walkaround the warehouse, choose a safe and enjoyable place for your products. Speak to any of the warehouse workers and let them know to take care of your product and the process to pack them. What are the steps they need to consider while shipping? Instead of instructing them, have a casual conversation with them so that they feel comfortable and more likely to take personal care of the products.


One of the most noticed issues in FBA is incorrect shippings. Manual labelling can create confusion about the products. It’s not possible to have a piece of knowledge about every product, even for warehouse management. Most of the time, they tend to send a little different item or the wrong item, which leads to bad customer experience.

To avoid confusion, label items with a barcode, including all the proper information and a unique code for each product. It helps the management to understand for which product they have received the order, and deliver them, avoiding the confusion.

Bundled product:

Another issue always occurs when you label only one product in the bundled products. For example, if you’re selling a pack of 6 bottles but marked only one, it is evident that warehouse management won’t understand the bundle. So, it’s suggested you label them clearly or mention in the barcode that its a bundled product and look for the other ones before delivering.

For merchandise sold in bundles or sets, make sure the bundled barcode is visible, no longer the individual barcodes. Use a carton containing the character units, with none more layers of packaging or binding that may be fallacious for a package.

Be at the right time:

Just because you have the products ready, don’t just send all of them to the warehouse. Analyze which ones get more orders based on the season or timings. For example, the products people purchase are different for day and Christmas. Differentiate both of them and send them to the storage right before the season.

Storage units are busiest in the holiday seasons and tend to rush around the products which might lead to a confusion of the products. So, send the goods based on seasons.

Third-party Logistics:

Though FBA is useful, it’s not expanded well to all the regions yet. If you don’t find anything around, hire a third-party logistics to ship further hassle-free. Many courier services dedicated work for amazon shipment services and can work for fewer prices if you take the long terms services which are a beneficiary. They handle end-to-end shipment and returns of your goods successfully.

Whatever the service is, it gets expensive when you want to handle one at a time and can get complex to manage. FBA is the ultimate solution to all your needs. Check Hustle Life for more details.