Dubai visa for Indians

People nowadays don’t look forward to explore their own country. They want to go to some other country to enjoy their vacation. It is a debatable topic but the fact is when your own country has so much beauty to watch and enjoy a pleasure time then what is the need to spend your hard earned money outside. Also some viewpoints are that if the country in which one is visiting has a beauty of different level, then why anyone will not go there? Both the views are correct and depend on person to person.

One such country that is a coveted place for everyone is Dubai. Dubai is a city in the UAE and is the most visited place by people. Indians too visit there a lot every year. Procedure for Dubai visa for Indians is not difficult and is made for citizens living there. The maximum time taken for the visa to arrive is 5 days. People don’t want to visit UAE for no reason. There are many places that people come to visit in UAE. Some of the highly popular places that people come and visit is:

  • BurjKhalifa: The name by which Dubai is so hopping and adulated is because of this place. One of the tallest buildings in the world. It will give you a different feeling when you’ll go on the higher floors of this building. 99.9% people who are visiting UAE will visit this building definitely. The top view from the building will excite and threat you at the same time.
  • HajarMountains: This place is famous for having adventurous trip by hiking. Trekking is also chosen by many people who visit here.
  • Beaches of Dubai: The beaches in Dubai have the most common visitors as tourist and even people living there. The clean beach will give you a feeling to stay there.
  • Desert: The best stuff to do when you’re with family or even with friend is visit desert and takes different rides in this desert. Worthwhile family experience.
  • Creek Dhow Ride: The real view of Dubai can be enjoyed from the sea side as well. This side gives the most endearing look of Dubai and gives a peaceful feeling. People can also go on ferries if you’re really out of budget.
  • Souks: There are many malls in UAE but what you can buy there you can even buy from any other mall in other country as well. So, if you’re fond of shopping, go to Souks which are situated in Deira district of UAE. Souk is a place where there are so many street markets and you can buy almost anything from there. This place will surely leave you flabbergasted.
  • Sharjah Museum: This is one of the famous antiques museums of the UAE. All the antiques related to the history of the UAE are displayed here and is a must visit at least once.
Dubai tourist visa is processed within the same time and it is recommended to coordinate with them. There are so many places to visit in the UAE that you can’t just give it a shot in a day. You need to stay at least for a week to enjoy the full beauty of the country.