Dental Care Problems

Can you imagine life without teeth? Probably not. You need your teeth to talk, chew, bite or grind. Some TLC to your teeth is important. Otherwise, you will be plagued by one or more of the following dental care problems:

1. Gum disease

Gum disease is the leading dental health problem. It results from a bacterial infection following accumulation of plaque on the teeth. Ligaments and gum tissues are eaten away from the bacteria leading to gum disease and loose teeth.

Contrary to what you may think, it can be ward off early because there are five steps that lead to a pronounced/diagnosed gum disease. The early phase is associated with gingivitis or mild gum disease but the disease is easily reversible at this stage. During the late stages, the infection worsens meaning that reversibility is limited. The early stages are characterized by swollen and bleeding gums. Visit your dentist then to treat the condition.

2. Tooth decay

Known better as cavities or dental caries. Do you have plaque on your teeth? If so, then you should visit your dental clinic fast to have a thorough clean-up and plaque removal. This is because you will develop cavities if you wait any longer. Plaque, bacteria, and the foods that remain hidden in your teeth enhance acid formation on your teeth. The acid eats into the enamel forming holes.

This is a lifestyle condition that can be easily reversed by healthy eating; brushing or flossing teeth well, and avoiding excess sugar. If it is bad; developed cavities, visit your dental care practitioner who will treat you and advise you appropriately.

3. Tooth/Root infection

This results from bacterial infection at the root of your tooth. The infection can result from cavities mentioned above, deep crack on a tooth or fractures. If untreated, you will develop painfully swollen abscesses seen on your face.

To avoid any of this from happening, you should see a doctor immediately when you have a crack on your tooth. When in pain, your dentist will perform a root canal. This will remove all infected tissues and tooth getting rid of the pain eventually. This will be done when you are under a local anesthetic as it can be terriblypainful. Yelp pagereviews for dentist care clinics reveal a high number of patients who have gone through successful root canals. 

4. Dry mouth

Lack of saliva due to intake of some medications affects dental health. Besides lubrication and cleansing, saliva has antibacterial properties thatprotect the teeth. This means that a dry mouth increases susceptibility of your teeth to infections. You should talk to your doctor immediately you experience a dry mouth.

5. Enamel degradation

Exposure to corrosive materials like sugary snacks and fuzzy drinks leads to rounded and coloring on the enamel. Acids in these products destroy your enamel gradually and you may have to undergo an enamel bonding procedure. However, the best alternative would be avoiding the causative agents.

6. Temporomandibular joint disorder

It is characterized by clenching and grinding teeth, especially when asleep. It is also considered psychological and you are recommended to avoid stress, wear mouth guards, and/or go for a corrective mandibular surgery.

7. Oral cancer

The reason why you are advised to see a dentist at least once or twice a year is to watch out for oral diseases, especially cancer. It is mostly painless and growths are pale. A professional can be trusted to identify the problem early. Smokers are high on the risk table and should therefore seek help and oral/dental checks frequently.

In conclusion, you or anyone else can be afflicted by these dental problems. It is important to brush regularly, schedule and attend annual/bi-annual dental checks, and also to eat healthy meals.