There are a lot of examples when an exact time window can improve the chances of achieving definite goals. If you want to change your career or enter the federal sector radically, we will tell you why now is the best time. We will also show illustrative examples of how a federal resume writing service can significantly affect your professional path.

In mid-2019, the official unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in the last few years and was only 3.7 percent.

The current situation allows employees to choose the best job possible for their qualifications and education. Besides, this is an excellent opportunity to migrate from the private sector to public work.

What are the benefits of working in the public sector

Federal work will be an excellent opportunity to fulfill yourself if you are not Elon Musk or have outstanding capabilities in the creative industry or business. The work in the government sector is structured in such a way that employees with exceptional skills have the opportunity to make a brilliant career in a relatively short period.
Examples of such quick career jumps are the youngest female congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (29), and the youngest senator, Joshua David Hawley (39).

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an American Democratic Socialist who beat a 10-term New York Democrat incumbent in a congressional primary before becoming the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. After graduating from Boston University in 2008, she juggled two jobs, as a bartender and at an educational nonprofit. After ten years, Ocasio-Cortez won 78% of the vote in New York's congressional primary election.

The career of Joshua David Hawley, 39, as the upper chamber's youngest member, also is worthy of attention. Hawley grew up in Lexington, Missouri, with a population of about 4,700. His father was a banker; his mother was a teacher. He started as a clerk in Court, then as an appellate litigator, the Attorney General of Missouri, till he became a United States Senator from Missouri.

Diligent staff's career path can take more time. But they have a guarantee to receive many benefits and a high level of wages above the national average.

The average federal employee salary

According to statistics, the average federal employee today receives a salary of around $90,000 and total compensation, including benefits of about $125,000. The national average wage in the private sector is $45,000. First, this is because the best professionals obtain the government job through a judicious employment process. As well as the current salaries indexation allows federal employees to cover expenses and provides for a relatively high standard of living.

The positions of the best-paid federal job change each year. To date, they are the following:
  • Securities Compliance Examiner - from $181,013.05 to $244,184
  • Patent Attorney between - $170,078.62 to $190,444
  • Nurse Anesthetist start - $167,817.78 to $207,800
  • Administrative Law Judge - $163,112.65 to $183,425
  • Patent Administrator - $161,308.19 to $187,148
Additional benefits include premiums, basic life insurance, dental services including orthodontia, vision insurance, tuition assistance for courses, seminars, and conferences directly related to a job, and even assistance paying off student loans.

The advantages of working in the government sector continue. Federal job openings are located in more than just large cities. You can have a well-paid job in remote locations if you are qualified.

Specificities of A Government Job Application Process

It takes between a month and one year to obtain a federal job. If you are ready to take that step, you should be prepared for the whole process to take time.

It starts with resume writing. Your resume must meet specific standards. It must be detailed and cover all the essential aspects of your career and life. Your resume should include hobbies, volunteer service, charity, previous work experience, education, and participation in any community. As a result, the amount of such a resume is typically four or more pages.

Next, you should create an account on the USAJobs website, where all government jobs are posted. There is a lot of functionality on this website. You can upload your resumes and documents, save your favorite jobs and searches, apply for jobs, and see how your applications progress through the organization's hiring processes.

The hiring process usually consists of the following steps:
  1. Create an application. This step includes applying for the job announcement and sending a resume, cover letter, and other required documents. Some agencies need to fill out a special questionnaire to verify you.
  2. Consideration of the application, preliminary candidate's selection. This step can last long enough because you must wait for the job posting to close before you hear a response. Sometimes, there are hundreds of applications to review for one job.
  3.  Getting the interview. Typically, about 10 percent of candidates reach this step. The most common are the One-on-one interview format, but the Panel, Phone, and Video interviews also happen.
  4.  The background checks and security clearances depend on the position you are applying for. You must provide at least ten years of personal information in certain instances. This step can take several months, significantly when this position potentially impacts the United States' national security.

So, avoid mistakes at every stage because of the massive competition in the federal field. It is essential to write your resume correctly. Therefore, it is better to entrust this task to professionals with significant experience in writing federal resumes. You can't imagine how many skills and achievements a certificated writer would include in your resume when he analyzed your professional experience and education.

A correctly compiled resume increases your chances of being invited to a federal job interview.

A brilliant Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, said, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Let your new resume be the first step to your successful career and prosperous future.