If your business involves moving tools and equipment from one place to another, especially when extra storage space is required, then tandem trailers are an excellent solution.

The tandem trailer provides absolute transportation solutions for small businesses, farms, tools and equipment stores, and construction and manufacturing companies, allowing these businesses to move goods about with amazing ease.

When it comes to buying a tandem trailer, there are lots of options available, ranging from different sizes to specifications and materials. This is why it is important that you have a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve before investing in a trailer.

This simple guide will help make the tandem trailer buying process clearer and easy for you.

Identifying Tandem Trailers
Before rushing to buy a tandem trailer, it is important that you first know how to identify and differentiate it from other trailers in the market, because to the uninformed, they may all look the same.

Tandem trailers are easily identified by their dual axle and double set of wheels. These extra set of wheels are installed to provide support for heavier loads and improve stability.

Unlike most trailer types, tandem trailers are specifically designed for heavy-duty transport. It can carry both heavy and light loads with ease, so that you can move things from one point to another regardless of distance. Even though tandem trailers are larger than your average hitch-up trailer, there are remarkably easy to control, especially in large worksites and around tight corners and on long trips.

These types of trailers also come in a variety of sizes, which means that you will always find a trailer for your specific needs, although, size may also affect customisation options, accessories, and price. However, there are reliable and durable trailers for sale by Lucca Trailers that go for less than $3,000.

Choosing a Tandem Trailer For Your Transport Needs
As already established, there are different specifications of tandem trailers available in the market, and your choice will be determined by a lot of factors, chief of which is the purpose for which you are buying a trailer.

Tandem trailers can be made from a variety of materials but for durability sake, the common materials are galvanised steel and normal steel painted over.

Galvanised or Painted Steel Trailers

If your needs demand total durability and reliability, then a galvanised steel tandem trailer is what you need. This trailer is ideal for transport purposes on bad and uneven roads, heavy-duty equipment, or when you are working in an environment that causes a lot of wear and tear.

Galvanized steel trailers will withstand almost anything you can throw at it, including bumps and hits on bad roads, and many of them come with some form of warranty on their lifespan.

Painted steel tandem trailers on the other hand are not as durable as the galvanised versions. This is the ideal alternative if you are certain that your trailer will not be used for heavy-duty purpose, travel on bad roads, and used in unpleasant weather. That said, it should still serve for moving stuff from one place to another and last you for a long time if you tow in on smooth and paved roads, use it infrequently, and don’t subject it to undue strain.

Essential Buying Considerations
One of the biggest issues when buying a tandem trailer is weight consideration. This is why you should buy at trailer that is strong and big enough to handle all the weight you want to throw at it.

Another thing to consider is the brakes. While single axle trailers are not required to have brakes, trailers that can carry loads in excess of 2000kg are required to have brakes on all axles. This is a serious safety consideration that ignoring may put you in trouble with the law. Therefore, if you are going for a big trailer for moving loads from 2000kg and above, be sure it has brakes installed on all the axles.

Another consideration is the chassis power and spring hangers. The strongest or weakest part of the towing vehicle is the chassis where everything will be attached. To get a trailer that will not jeopardise your towing vehicle, be sure that the spring hangers are at least 6mm. You should also make sure that the tires on your tandem trailers are the same size with those of your towing vehicle. This will provide better stability and balance during towing.

Tandem trailers can typically handle more strain and load but it is important that you intentionally select one that will suit your vehicle and load requirements.

Wrapping up
We have covered some of the essential things you should know when buying a tandem trailer. Apart from that, it is important that you find out towing laws and trailer speed restrictions in your area as this differ from location to location. This way, you will avoid legal problems when using your tandem trailer for the purpose for which you bought it.