By Fazreen Razeek
By Fazreen Razeek

Ever wondered what the difference between people who simply take pictures and professional photographers is? Well, the short answer is, it’s not their equipment. A great photographer can get high quality images with any equipment, from a smartphone to cutting edge DSLR.

Truth is, while having high-end equipment or tons of experience will definitely help a photographer in their craft, there is more to being a great photographer. So, what makes a great photographer? For starters, this entirely depends on your photography niche—every niche demands specific skills. 

Below is a list of things great photographers have in common.

Mastery of their equipment

Anyone can take photographs and get good pictures with luck. However, professional photographers in Dubai don’t rely on luck. They have the technical skills of photography and understand how to consistently take high-quality images. To familiarize themselves more with their camera gear, good photographers regularly take shots to know what works how and how to tweak it to provide the best results.

Creative and Imaginative

Essentially, photography is an art form. It requires creativity and vivid imagination. Good photographers can turn unexciting, ordinary, or extraordinary things into more exciting and out-of-this-world images. It’s no secret that composition is key in photography. Understanding some of the basic composition rules helps in presenting or conveying striking and meaningful images.


Great professional photographers have an eye for detail to ensure various elements, such as the subject, the lighting, the composition, among others, integrate harmoniously to convey the intended message of the photo. They ensure that elements such as emotion, storytelling, composition, and lighting are blended perfectly. Good photographers understand that even the smallest details can break or make an image.


Great photographers aren’t afraid of experimenting with various camera settings, lighting techniques or new angles. Their interest in manipulating subtle elements to ensure the achievement of unique perspectives makes their images standout while conveying the intended message.

Patient and flexible

Everything will not always work out the way you plan. There are always instances when the lighting will fail, or your camera will not produce the desired results. No matter the photography niche they in, good photographers understand the importance of being patient and flexible enough to make the best out of unfavourable conditions.

Good people skills

Professional photography involves working with people, from clients to models or even other photographers. Therefore, good people skills are essential for not only communicating but for networking as well. Because, how else will you obtain more clients or partnerships? Good communication starts the moment a potential client reaches out to you. In order to streamline this process, you should use professional CRM tools like Táve to quickly respond to your clients.

Good photographers understand that merely taking good photographs isn’t enough. As a result, they ensure that they can interact, connect and communicate effectively with their subjects. This ensures that their subjects feel at ease, gets them to collaborate, and draws out the intended emotion.


Great photographers are passionate about what they do. And the best thing about this is the fact that their passion is always seen in their work. It’s no secret that it takes a lot of effort to build your brand and name as a professional photographer, but if you are passionate you can do it. And generally, professional photographers have mastered the art of pushing further, working harder, and striving to be better because they are passionate about their craft.

Being a great photographer is more than having the latest high-end camera gear. It’s all about mastering your equipment and inherent qualities that will allow you to create unique perspectives in the most unexpected places. Whatever the niche, from stock photography to fashion photography to event photography or still life photography, the final product is always important and should always artistically communicate the intended message.

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