Progressive web apps is a term describing a set of technologies that offer incredible mobile app experiences which are highly optimized, reliable and accessible completely on the web and it is available for both android and iOS users.

Progressive web apps are the future of web development and it not only help users but it also helps the business to grow and increase their conversion rates. People are tired of downloading apps in their phones but with the help of progressive web apps it becomes smoother and easier. One more amazing feature of PWA's are they just work smoothly in the absence of network, as it would be with full internet connection.

Benefits of Progressive web apps

1. Offline functionality:

Offline functionality

Progressive web apps offer an exceptional alternative which is its offline support. It has the capability to work offline or in compromised networks. With an offline mode any information can be saves automatically during the last online access. The offline page can be completed with a brand logo, some information and some advanced features that makes this feature most reliable and favourite for retailers and this can benefit businesses with the product catalog which people can see even in an offline mode. As a result, it increase potential in holding and engaging customers.

2. Increased Performance:

53% of users will abandon a site if it is taking more then 3 seconds to load! And once loaded users expect them to be fast – no janky scrolling or slow to respond interfaces. Progressive web apps are faster because of the way that it works Significantly faster due to the underlying caches and serves texts, images, stylesheets and other content on the website. As a result user experience and retention rates benefit from improved performance.

3. Zero downloads or installation:

There are no long download times and visitors are not routed through google play or the app store, but directly downloading the app onto their device. That means you can get apps without the tedious and slow app store submission process.

4. Push notifications:

Push notifications

Publishers and developers have full control over implementing this option, allowing for creative solution with regards to advertising new content. It is very beneficial for e-commerce sites, since push notifications directly displayed on phones are getting read far more often than either e-mail or status on social media updates etc.

5. Safety:

PWA's are served through HTTPs insuring safety in content delivery and content interaction.

6. App like experience:

The next benefit of progressive web apps is that they are being designed like mobile apps while still having the full functionality of websites with dynamic data and access. What makes PWA different from native apps? Progressive web apps are different from native apps as they are indexable by search engines.

7. Access anywhere:

These are just that took all the right vitamins. There are many strategies for native app portability but unlike those strategies PWAs don’t change your deployment and packaging model.

8. Inkable and shareable:

Since PWAs are essentially web pages, users are able to quickly and easily share bookmark the URL, unlike native applications.

9. Easy updates:

PWAs have added the benefits of pushing updates by the developer themselves not the users. The new updates and features can be added remotely by the development team. Users will notice new and improve features but do not have to approve updates themselves.

10. Low cost production:

The production of progressive web apps is quite cheap considering the target audience range. PWAs are cheaper to produce so get in touch with the developers and replace your native apps with progressive web apps for hassle free experience.

Progressive web apps will be a bridge for those gaps between mobile apps and websites. Some real examples of companies which possess immense growth after implementing these technologies are Twitter Lite, Forbes, Lancome and Ali Express etc. Progressive applications are the way of the future which is why you should consider switching them now to get the most of their capabilities for your business.

Concluding Remarks:

PWAs are arguably the next step in the web app interaction and functionality. PWA technology makes the process of accessing app functions convenient for users. Undeniably this technology is quickly becoming a dominant force in the world of app development. The more quickly you will jump to the forefront in your industry, the sooner you take advantage of it. After listing the advantages of progressive web apps we are aware with the fact that how much it is necessary for today’s world of competition. And in a very short span of time PWA is already managed to establish a new philosophy for building websites, and no company that wants to be relevant in this mobile era can afford to ignore them.

Author Bio:
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