Are you thinking about visiting Portugal? If you haven't you may want to add it to the list of places to vacation. Many people choose Portugal as a top travel destination because of its great weather, stunning beaches, and the long list of things to do ranging from exploring old houses saturated in rich history to relaxing on the beach. Vacation Inspirations, a members-only discount travel club based out of Charleston SC, recently launched a new website and the first location they chose to highlight is Portugal for many good reasons.

Some things you will not want to miss on your visit is climbing the Clérigos Tower to get a nice view of Porto, shopping on the Rotunda da Boavista as well as the Rua de Santa Catarina, and visiting Cordoaria to enjoy the sculptures in the garden. While on the topic of gardens don't forget to check out the Crystal Palace gardens. The Church of S. Francisco is worth a visit with its stunning gilt interior. The mouth of the Douro river has some nice beaches and the food and wine are also worth a mention. The Rua Miguel Bombarda is a great place to explore some contemporary art.

You will not run out of places to shop or exquisite cuisine to indulge your senses. There are museums to inspire and beautiful architecture to admire.

If you prefer a little more outdoor activity there are many options to get your sport on! Surfing can be enjoyed throughout the year by beginners and experts alike. There are many different types of breaks and spots all along the coastline which is vast, to say the least. If surfing isn't your thing but windsurfing is you won't be disappointed especially if you visit Guincho during the months of July and August when the wind is at its best. In Madeira, the wind seems to be just right all year long making it a great spot for kitesurfing and windsurfing.

Due to its mild climate, many avid golfers choose Portugal as their golf vacation destination. Having such a great variety of courses that are suited to all levels of players with over ninety courses. These are just some of the reasons Portugal has gained recognition in the golf community worldwide.

Portugal is very picturesque and full of outdoor activities such as horseback riding, canoeing, rafting, and hiking. Amateur photographers, as well as professionals, will love the diverse opportunities for capturing that perfect photo.

Families will enjoy the theme parks, zoos, castles, and excellent cuisine. It is also very safe enabling families to enjoy their time in a peaceful environment. There are spas and resorts throughout the region with options ranging from economical prices to outright lavish.

Stay in a palace or in a more modest and quaint manor house. Romance is in the air in Portugal and a premier destination for honeymoons. Sintra is a good place for lovers to vacation. Take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage up the mountain and enjoy the stunning view from the Pena Palace. This World Heritage site has plenty of places to get lost in the beauty and discover idyllic scenes. There are exotic gardens, ponds and paths, ancient trees, and landscapes that inspired poets and artists of the past and present.

Overall there are so many reasons to visit Portugal which is why in recent years it has been gaining so much attention. Each region has its own treasury of fun surprises and rich culture. Put Portugal on your travel bucket list today!