Hospitable Staff
A pilgrimage to Madina is a spiritual quest, and as such, you would want it to be devoid of minor hassles that could put a dampener on it. So, it makes sense for you to get yourself a luxury hotel in Madina that has impeccable standards and high customer review. You would also want to look into hotels in Al Madina near Haram so that your spiritual journey is free from distractions.

Located just next to the Prophet’s Mosque, Shaza Al Madina is your ultimate destination for luxury, sophistication, and spirituality. Here are some reasons why this 5-star hotel in Madina is the perfect solution for your spiritual stay.

#1. Hospitable Staff

The first thing we look for in a luxury hotel in Madina is exceptional customer service. This hotel in Al Madina promises you just that. The hotel is reputed for its extraordinary customer service and impeccable hospitality. The hospitality team is always present at your constant beck and call to attend to your every need. 

#2. Attention to Local Customs and Traditions

Local Customs and Traditions
While the hotel is extremely modern with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities, the hospitality team and the hotel management is grounded to its roots. They strive hard to uphold the sanctity of the place. This is definitely the best aspect of this Madina 5 star hotel.

Everything they do and offer is in keeping with the local customs and traditions. The female staff of the hotel wear modest makeup and always keep their head covered to accommodate the norms of the place.

#3. Proximity to the Spiritual Centre and Accessibility to Other Areas

Since the hotel is located next to Al Masjid Al Nabawi, guests can wake up to the call of the divine. The muezzin calling for prayers is easily audible from the rooms, and there is surely be no better way of starting a day.

Apart from this, this place also has easy accessibility to all major places in the city like the airports, malls, and other recreational places that you might want to visit during your trip to Madina.

#4. Regal and Comfortable Suites

Regal and Comfortable Suites
The hotel suites are very comfortable with access to all sorts of amenities. They have a large assortment of suites (around 20) based on your budget and size requirements.

They have seven variants in the Silk room (1 extra-large bed, 2 single beds, junior suite, junior suite king, junior suite twin, deluxe room with twin bed, and deluxe room with a king-size bed).

Apart from that, they also have a family suite, a honeymoon suite, a deluxe quadruple room, a Shaza Tiara Suite, and a handicap-friendly room designed especially for people with special needs.

Depending on your budget, your family size, and your need, you can book the best hotel rooms in Madina in Shaza Al Madina.

#5. Great Buffet and Ambience

Great food is a crucial factor while considering places for a stay. At Shaza, you get a huge buffet of delicacies that you can choose from for every meal. Every meal is carefully curated and is prepared fresh.

You get to taste from a wide assortment of creative and interesting cuisines at the Shalimar lounge and some lip-smacking Arabian, South-East Asian, and North African delicacies at the Arabesque Restaurant. Every traditional recipe is taken and presented with exceeding flair and grace.

The ambience of the hotel is also exceptionally great. The walls have traditional Arabic designs, and the rooms have intimate mood lighting to suit every guest’s preferences. The hotel has an air of serenity, calm, and elegance about it.

When it comes to spiritual soul-searching, there is nothing better than a pilgrimage. If that is coupled with a good stay, then the experience becomes an everlasting memory.

If you want to experience Middle Eastern hospitality, luxury, charm, and taste some delectable cuisine on your next visit to Madina, look no further than Shaza Al Madina. Here, you get to experience the modern without compromising on your tradition and culture.