Air Filter Replacement

The air filter in your air conditioning plays a more critical role in adequately functioning your air conditioning unit than keeping the indoor air clean. The air conditioner can only function optimally if the cabin air filter is kept clean. In due course, it would start showing problem signs that may lead to costly repair or replacement.

For this reason, one must clean the air filter periodically and, if needed, replace it. It would save a ton of money on energy bills and a considerable amount on what would otherwise be spent on the repairs.

Here are a few issues that you might face if you ignore air filter replacement –


Your air conditioner has been designed to turn on and off throughout the day to maintain a comfortable temperature. The cycle is automated, but a dirty filter can cause havoc to the sequence. The air conditioner will have small bikes, which means they will use more energy to turn on and off. You will also hear more noise from the unit than usual.

Freezing and Ice Formation

A clean air filter allows the air to pass through without obstruction. If the air filter is filthy, it will not allow the air to flow through it and cause the building of ice inside the air conditioner. Ice will also form on the coils and can be pretty dangerous.

Buildup of Allergen

If anyone in your house has asthma or any other respiratory disease, make sure to clean the air filter in a timely. Otherwise, the duct system would be infested with allergen buildup. It can aggravate the clinical condition of anyone suffering from respiratory problems in your house or, even worse, cause respiratory issues in the long run. You can look for air conditioner repair in Baltimore for the best services to stay safe from such diseases and keep your HVAC system in good condition.

Wear and Tear

The first job of the air filter is to ensure that the dirt and debris do not dilute the purity of the air being flushed out. It catches all the dirt and debris in the air, and these tiny particles are removed when the air filter is cleaned. However, if it is not cleaned timely, these dust particles and debris will swarm up in the internal components. That would lead to wear and tear. Durability, as well as the longevity of your air conditioner, is drastically affected due to it.

Lower System Efficiency

The system efficiency lowers considerably when the air conditioner runs with an old or dirty air filter. It impacts the air quality it sends out and would drastically increase the energy cost. It is something you do not want, and thus, cleaning it timely or going for an air filter subscription is an ideal choice.

These are the few issues that would surface if you ignore cleaning or replacing your air conditioner air filter promptly. The best way to deal with it is to go for an air filter subscription to always remember missing out on replacing the old one on time. It would keep you in the loop about when to replace the old air filter and ensure that your air conditioner continues to function correctly.