closing almost every sale

Getting sales leads is hard, but closing the sale is what separates good salespersons from great ones. Closing a sale is the ultimate payoff for the time and effort put in. While closing rates differ depending on the industry you are in, and the company you work for, one thing remains constant. All sales professionals want to close more deals and do it more frequently.

In sales, knowledge is key, so use these tips to close almost all sales.

Confidence is key

Customers relate better with sales agents who are confident and sure of themselves. With confidence, you can show prospective customers that you believe in what you sell and that you are passionate about it. If you look good, you feel good. Spruce up your suit with some lovely accessories like pocket squares from

Focus on the positives

Customers respond better to positive messages than negative ones. Keep negative influences at bay while trying to close a deal. Staying upbeat, optimistic and not letting your anxiety show even when dealing with a tough customer are some of the ways you can stay positive. A smile is sure to brighten up a room and change the atmosphere. Keep a smile on your face and make jokes where appropriate to ease tension.

Focus on the client's needs

Customers want to know the product is good for them and your focus is not on the sale alone. While closing is the ultimate goal, fostering trust and creating a connection with your client will make it easier to sell. Focusing on and understanding the client's needs will help you convince them to buy your products. By pointing out the benefits, you can create belief in your products and services.

Listen and sell later

Be inquisitive about your customers needs instead of making assumptions. Get to know them and their buying process. With this information, you can easily show them the perks of getting a certain product. Buyers are looking for salespeople who deliver and exceed expectations. When you listen to your clients, you focus on making a connection with them. You become a valued consultant who solves their problems as opposed to someone out to get their money.

Find a way to talk money

Talking money is the most difficult part of any sale. It can delay or even stop a sale. To ease this problem, you need to show your client that your math is sound. They need reassurance that the return of investment is worth it. For instance, don't ask what the client's budget is? Ask how much they can invest in getting what they want. Help the customer realise that the benefits outweigh the price, and that should be their main focus.

While you cannot control the actions or attitudes of a potential customer, you can control how you respond. Remain professional and always put your client’s needs before your own. Don’t come out as over-aggressive, or you will turn off potential leads.