buying a jukebox

If you are interested in buying a jukebox, there is a very crucial factor that you need to keep in mind; jukeboxes are costly investments. If you are looking for a great machine, then it will set you back by at the least ten thousand dollars! To top it all, there are so many variations and features to choose from that the selection process becomes pretty daunting.

Jukebox is a retro-cool device, and it gives the feel of music like no other plug and play device. If you are looking for the glint of chrome, flashing lights along with the pulsating music, a jukebox is perfect for you. Nothing beats the retro feel of a 1960's traditional jukebox. But the truth is there are bells are whistles associated with buying a jukebox. So it is imperative that you do your homework right before investing in one.

The types of jukeboxes

With the advent of science and technology, there are newer jukeboxes available these days. These modern iterations are better than the traditional ones where you were limited to only a handful of vinyl records.

With the modern jukeboxes, you can now simply plug in your Smartphone device or USB data traveller to play music. New jukeboxes even come with Bluetooth connectivity features, so no more hunching over the machine to press buttons as we have seen in movies.

The problem with the traditional jukeboxes

Yes, we understand you might be a vinyl record purist, and the truth is nothing can ever beat the quality and perfection of a vinyl record. However, you need to keep in mind that with the refurbished traditional jukeboxes, the price point is quite steep. You will need to shell out around $10,000 to 20,000 for a superior piece of equipment. Not only that, in case your jukebox breaks down, the replacement parts are harder to find than the modern ones.

The modern machine

With the contemporary jukebox, there are numerous advantages and not just the ease of plug and play. You get new parts, warranty, and top quality AD/DA (Analog-Digital) conversion. You also get LED lights instead of bulbs, which mean it will last longer without breaking down. You can use these "jukes" daily without suffering any hiccups whatsoever.

Some features to consider


The primary feature for a jukebox that you need to consider is the dimension for the device. Some devices stand at the height of 5 feet, or there are smaller ones designed to sit on top of tables and shelves. Full jukeboxes are for the complete entertainment package with the lights and imperious sound quality. Read about Seo Company India

Amount of music

The second consideration is quite obviously about the amount of music the device can store. In the case of traditional jukeboxes, the number is limited to a few hundred vinyl records. With modern jukeboxes, the number is considerably higher. The added advantage for a digital jukebox is the fact that you get access to streaming services, Bluetooth connectivity, USB plug, and play along with various versatile features like the FM radio.


Lastly, you need to consider the durability of the device where you need to consider the material and make of the jukebox. High-end jukeboxes made of glass, chrome or steel will last longer compared to the cheaper variations made of plastic.

Keep in mind that the refurbished traditional models will contain older parts, and they will be harder to replace in case the device breaks down. Conversely, the newer machines are low on maintenance and can handle the pressure of daily usage for long hours.

Sound quality

Last but not least is the sound quality. This is entirely subjective as many patrons like the feel and the crispiness of modern music, whereas some are lifelong fans of the high-quality traditional vinyl records. Keep in mind the customer reviews before selecting and investing in a particular type of jukebox.

Here are some tips you need to keep in mind while buying a jukebox.

Go for a brand

Yes, there are many locally made jukeboxes since the musical device is pretty basic as far as the engineering is concerned. However, with a reputed brand, you get the guarantee of quality control for each unit manufactured. A branded jukebox though costly will also provide added value in terms of the aesthetics and the look of the device.

Keep in mind the condition

In case you are going for a traditional second-hand piece of equipment, make sure that you do not end up with a broken unit that will require regular maintenance and up-keep to continue working. Any restored piece will develop faults as time wears on. You can go for pocket-friendly replica jukeboxes, but it all comes down to your preference and maintaining a balance between the cost and the condition of the device you are looking to buy.

The price factor

Some brands are pretty expensive, and then some brands are pocket-friendly. If your hands are tied due to budget constraints, you should go for an affordable brand which will compromise on the quality of the sounds and the overall look of the jukebox. 

Keep in mind the warranty

The warranty on parts or the whole device is a crucial consideration that you need to take into account before making a purchase. Warranty is vital because it will keep you covered in case your jukebox breaks down after a few months of usage. Go for a brand that offers you at least a year's worth of warranty. With an extended warranty period you are assured of the quality of the jukebox and it the only way to make sure that you make a smart purchase.

The sound output factor

You must consider the sound output factor before buying a jukebox. Not all jukeboxes will give you the same pristine clear sound output. It is therefore imperative to read the user reviews and test the sound of a particular jukebox before making a selection.

The aesthetics of the device

Some jukeboxes function well, but they are not attractive enough for a purchase. If you are looking for great aesthetics along with the sound quality, then you need to go for an expensive option. Jukeboxes offer you a variety of shades, sizes, and colors. If aesthetics is your primary concern, then make sure you shop around to get the best from a plethora of choices.

Keep in mind these simple tips before choosing a jukebox and as always all the very best!