It is pretty commonplace to see web hosting providers who claim to offer unlimited web hosting with numerous features such as unlimited email storage, disk space, and bandwidth. But is it truly unlimited? Before you rush to sign up for one, let's explore what web hosts mean by "unlimited" and what you would really get for your money. And after you have read this article and you are ready to make a decision, head to to see all their offers.
What Is Unlimited Web Hosting?
Unlimited web hostings are hosting plans that web hosting firms offer with features such as unlimited bandwidth, disk storage, data transfer and in some cases, add-on domains. What this means in simple terms is that these web hosting providers are offering a blank cheque when it comes to hosting websites - that is hosting as many sites as you desire at a low-cost price (mostly $10 per month and below).
Is It Really Possible To Have Unlimited Bandwidth And Disk Storage?
There is a limit on almost everything in today's world and hardware services are no exceptions. You simply cannot spend as little as $5 per month and have access to unlimited RAM, storage, and CPU power.

Unlimited bandwidth is also an impossibility. It really is common sense, there is currently a very limited number of cables available for the transmission of data worldwide and it is currently not possible to get the manpower resources needed to maintain and service these networks and servers.

So, you should remember this when next to a hosting provider promises you an unlimited hosting plan - there is nothing like unlimited hosting. It is simply a marketing gimmick with plenty of exceptions in the fine print.
The Fine Print Under A Microscope
If you read the fine print of these unlimited web hosting plans, you will discover the inclusion of a clause that states 'fair usage policy and explains what it entails. Most texts for usage policy read to this effect - “You can use as many resources and bandwidth that is provided but there is a limit that you must not cross. If you do, your service subscription can/will be terminated, shut off or suspended.”
The Limitations Of Unlimited Web Hosting
Unlimited web hosting might seem like the answer or the solution to the concern about bandwidth and space limits. But, sadly, unlimited web hosting has limits because there are limits on every server.

However, the limits on most unlimited shared hosting plans are very high. In fact, statistics show that about 99% of business websites and personal websites will never exceed the limits set by the hosting provider for an unlimited hosting plan.
What Should You Expect When You Exceed The Cap On An Unlimited Hosting Plan?
In many instances, when you exceed the cap limits set on an unlimited hosting plan, your web hosting provider will give you an adequate warning before any action is taken on your accounts. This is done because exceeding the limit on your plan would cause your accounts, and other accounts sharing the server with you, to experience downtime or crash.

By providing a heads-up, your web host avoids slow load times on other sites and on the server. The alert is usually a message from your hosting provider asking you to switch or upgrade to dedicated hosting or VPS account.

You most probably already need an upgrade anyway if your website reaches this point, as you have a lot of traffic coming to your website that requires its own set of resources. This way, you get the most out of your website's hosting account.
Should Unlimited Shared Hosting Plans Be Avoided?
No, they should not be avoided, you just need to fully grasp what they entail. ‘Unlimited’ in web hosting terms is not truly unlimited. There are many reliable, pocket-friendly web hosting firms such as Bluehost, Heart Internet UK, 1&1 INONOS, and that offer superb unlimited shared hosting plans. These packages are perfect for a business website or small personal blog that does not generate that much traffic, to begin with.

If you project speedy growth for your website in terms of traffic, then we recommend you go with a dedicated server or a VPS as opposed to an unlimited share plan, no matter how inexpensive it might be --as they would not need you to meet your unique needs.
How To Choose The Best Unlimited Hosting Plan
In order to get the best web host, you need to experience the quality of service of the host from the inside - that is, first-hand experience. A great way to do this is to invest a little money on a trial with a web host - use their service and note down the good, the bad and the ugly of the services provided. You can always cancel before the trial time frame ends.

Alternatively, you can look up the review of your web host by trials sites or their previous customers.
On A Final Note
Let's quickly review everything that you need to take away from this article:

1. Unlimited hosting is actually limited.

2. Unlimited hosting is just a marketing/sales campaign used by web hosting providers to quickly bring on new customers. Bulk volume sales are how they can afford to provide rock very low prices.

3. The features of an unlimited hosting plan such as bandwidth, data and disk storage do not determine the quality of the plan.

4. Before making a decision and signing up, ensure you always research the web hosts reputation regarding software support, site uptime and sales after service.