Mellowish’s Posture Corrector is a lightweight, padded-strap posture corrector designed for men and women. It provides support to rounded shoulders and corrects posture to reduce Kyphosis, support the Clavicle, and reduce back and neck pain.


  • Support System for back and shoulders: It is a support system for the back and shoulders as it improves posture by reducing back and neck pain with gentle pressure.
  • Available in One Size: Mellowish’s Posture Corrector is available in one size, which fits all men and women with chests measuring 27 to 42 inches. It has quite adjustable straps that can easily fit around the widest part of your chest, below your shoulders.
  • Strengthens frail core and back muscles: Poor posture leads to core and back muscle pain and discomfort. Thus, this posture corrector improves rounded shoulders.
  • Diminishes injury risk: It assists in improving your balance to prevent muscle sprain and injury during lengthy sessions like working on a laptop or PC, watching television, or doing any physical exercise.
  • Comfortable to wear: Mellowish’s Posture Corrector's padded straps can be easily worn all day long, preventing backache and making you stand taller.


It quickly corrects your posture.

You can wear Mellowish’s Posture Corrector for one hour each day while working on your laptop, watching TV, making dinner, or browsing the internet.
It has a smooth design that you can wear comfortably while doing any task. 

After using it for one hour, you can start wearing this back brace for four hours daily. You will start noticing lifelong changes in your posture within two weeks, even when you are not using this posture corrector. 

Hence, this posture corrector is a boon. There is no need to wear it all the time to obtain its benefits. You will automatically find yourself standing taller and straight within a short time as it supports your back.


Put arms through the straps.

Drag straps downwards until you can sense a mild pressure on your shoulders.

Lock it with Velcro panels.

Wear Mellowish’s Posture Corrector for one hour daily, twice a week, then slowly and steadily increase the duration of the wear sessions. You can wear this posture corrector for up to four hours at a time.

Take it out before going to sleep.

To lessen friction and prevent deodorant stains, sport a T-shirt beneath the posture corrector. When you go out, you can cover it with outfits.


  • Shipping Weight: 3.5 ounces
  • UPC: 767501976301
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #579,816 in Health & Household and #3392 in Back Braces.
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So what are you waiting for? Order Mellowish’s Posture Corrector from Amazon now and get relief from your neck and backache.

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