Online Gaming
Online Gaming
PWith the rise of the internet in recent decades so many aspects of our lives have changed irreversibly such as work, research and even social lives but one of the areas that has changed so much is gaming and in particular computer or video gaming. Let's take a look at some of the ways gaming has changed and evolved in recent times and what are the positives of it.

PC Games

PC games would have been the first type of game to have online facilities being that in the old days the only access a house would have to the internet would have been through the modem attached to the PC. These games were not for everyone as there was some technical know how involved in getting two PCs to talk to each other I vividly remember in the mid 90s trying to get my PC and a friends PC to set up a modem linked game of Doom to no success, much to the annoyance of our respective parents who couldn't get on the phones. World of Warcraft one of best online games for PC, WoW Boost enables you to skip boring or stages and levels of the game and take your character to the desired level faster. Boosthive has hundreds of various WoW boosting services that we are more than happy to offer. Luckily things have moved on and platforms such as Steam make it easy for anyone to log on and get playing in no time. There is an upcoming game that is trending - Cyberpunk 2077. You can get Cyberpunk 2077 key at GameGator.

Mobile Phone Games

One very fantastic rise of technology has been the rapid rise of quality data connections on mobile devices such as phones and tablets which has made mobile gaming much more popular than ever before, you just need to look around you on a bus or train these days and half the people are gaming in one way or another on their phones. It's amazing the variety of styles and genres of games available on these devices from puzzle to action, sports to simulations, almost anything is available on these platforms. Industry expert Jeff Donnely predicts that mobile gaming is, “becoming a $200 billion-dollar industry” so it's clearly on the rise.

Educational Games

There are many types of online games available and there is often much discussion on how good or bad gaming is for children's development and this can be taken as a bit of a mixed bag as it's maybe traditionally thought of as anti-social but then again with online gaming there can be a social or co-operative aspect to this and even more so with some games being specifically designed for education.

Console Gaming

Every modern games console not only has an online function but it follows that the machines are now designed around online connectivity being a multi-media device for gaming, watching films and shows and even live TV. Gone are the days of having to invite your friends round for a multi-player game of Mario Kart.


It's even true that there is a rise in competitive gaming, known as E-Sports, where gamers can compete in national and international events and competitions for huge sums of money at times with the largest tournaments having prize pools of over $25 million showing how far this industry has come in terms of commercial opportunities.