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Global superstar DJ Diplo made plenty of headlines in the entertainment world a few months ago when he live-streamed from one of the biggest celebrity weddings of the year on the social media platform Instagram.

However, while the incident seemingly caused a minor amount of friction between the star and the happy couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, one thing that his actions undoubtedly did was put a spotlight on a growing trend which is developing across the globe.

The idea of live-streaming from a private event such as a wedding or birthday celebration may have seemed unthinkable a few years ago, but the trend is on the rise and there are even major benefits that it could offer to you.

The power of streaming

Of course, the ability to live stream video from anywhere in the world has only really become an issue in recent years, as huge strides have been taken in internet connectivity and video quality and have made it a very real opportunity.

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It has become a common option in the world of sport and also in the music industry, with major names such as Muse choosing to live-stream major gigs via platforms such as Facebook. Furthermore, it has also had a particular impact on gaming, whether it is through top stars broadcasting their adventures on Twitch or the rise of concepts like live casino gaming. Available on online casino sites like Karamba in South Africa, such games are hosted and managed by real-life dealers who present the play via a live video link and give users the glitz and glam of the casino at home.

In addition, in the movie world, it is common to see major premieres, such as the one held for Avengers: Endgame earlier this year, broadcast on YouTube.

But, while live streaming has now been part of our lives for some time, why would you want to stream your very special private event to a wider audience on Facebook or another social media platform?

Not just for the famous

Perhaps, it is something to do with the Diplo story, but it does feel like live-streaming a wedding is something that we can only imagine the rich and famous doing. For example, K-pop star Sungjae from BtoB has recently talked about doing it, while YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau actually did go through with it this summer and even charged fans $50 to watch in real-time.

However, the idea of live-streaming an event has undoubtedly now moved beyond the realm of celebrity culture. In fact, as this local news report from the US highlights, it can be used in relation to events of all sizes for a variety of reasons. In the case of this wedding, using Facebook Live actually meant the family of the Scottish groom who were unable to attend were still able to catch the moment he said ‘I do’ to his bride.

Another reason you may choose to live-stream such an event may be if you have only chosen to have a small ceremony. Streaming the event would mean you are still able to maintain a low-key, exclusive feeling at the location, but ensure that a wider audience of friends and family have a chance to watch on if they want to.

Furthermore, another useful aspect of a live stream may be that the recording taken could ultimately double-up as a wedding video and memento that you can keep of the day. With smartphones, tablets and other devices being capable of high-quality video, whatever is caught on camera will serve an important purpose on the day but also be a nice thing to look back on in the future too.

Consider if it could work for you

So, while live-streaming a major private event may feel to some like a strange step to consider and ultimately take, it is fair to say that doing it could offer a few key benefits.

Whether you are busy planning and preparing for a wedding, christening or another big day in your diary, it may be worthwhile considering how streaming could have advantages for you. After all, looking at the issue from the outset will mean you’re in control and could prevent a Diplo-style mishap affecting your own celebrations.

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