Jazz Up Your Wedding
Jazz Up Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but it can often feel as though all of your creative ideas have been done before. Now is your chance to stretch your imaginationand provide your guests with a unique and exciting wedding experience like no other!

Livestream The Event

In the world of constant social media and global interaction, it is possible for people to enjoy your wedding without being physically present. If you have guests who can’t make the event, you can live stream certain elements, such as the ceremony and speeches, to help them to feel included in your big day. This process is easiest with a qualified wedding videographer based in London, UK, but you can also use a more DIY approach.

Wedding DJ's

For the wedding reception, the most popular choice is between using a DJ or playing specially selected recorded music. Good wedding DJs can read the mood of the event and play the right music to create a great atmosphere and get guests of all ages dancing. Discuss your favorite music with your wedding DJs before the event so they can create an individual playlist that suits your theme. Wedding DJs aren’t the only entertainment options. Consider the possibilities of live music for a wedding: a string quartet, belly dancer or solo artist, on their own or in combination with a wedding DJ. Click here to check out these wedding DJs in Orlando, who can be booked for special events and wedding

DIY Flower Station

Flowers are a nice touch to brighten up a wedding, and there is no reason they should just be restricted to the bridal party. Set up a make-your-own flower station with sturdy blooms, such as mums or spray roses, as well as pins, ribbons, and labels to help people make bouquets and corsages. This can also be a great activity for guests outside the wedding party—especially children—during photos or while documents being signed.

Create A Child-Friendly Space

Many people will opt to have a child-free wedding, but that can have a significant impact on the guests who are unable to attend. If you choose to make children welcome, make sure they have space where they can relax and unwind. It can be a good idea to hire a professional babysitter and make sure there are games, crayons, tablets, and other activities to keep your smaller guests engaged throughout the entire wedding—don’t forget about the reception!

Invite Messages From Guests

As well as a traditional guest book, a video booth can be a great way for your guests to leave you messages and soundbites on your special day. These are readily available for hire and can offer a wonderful memory to look back on and relive special moments from your most treasured guests. It can also be hilarious to watch clips from after your guests have had a few drinks!

Create A Hashtag

Allow your wedding to go global by creating a hashtag for the big day and encouraging your friends and family to tweet and share pictures as they happen. Not only is this an excellent way for your guests to feel more included in the action, but it also offers a selection of images and memories for you to look back on.

You could even print or copy your favourite tweets to create a memory or scrapbook, and this can be a chance to get your hands on some stunning candid shots captured by your nearest and dearest. These can often be more natural and flattering than the traditional posed shots, so put them all together in an easy-to-search hashtag to allow you to pick your favourites.