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If your dream is to become a lawyer, there are certain steps you need to take in order to get you there. You’ll need to know how to get into the law school of your dreams, how to apply to law school, preparing for law school and what to expect after law school. If your dream is to become a lawyer, following this helpful information will help you get there.

How to Get into Law School

Your first step is to choose a major and minor as an undergraduate that will help you prepare for law school. Speak to your academic advisor to help you plan your path.

As you get ready to graduate from undergrad school, this is when to register for the LSAT. This is the standardized test most law schools use to determine your eligibility into their program. When you register for the test, you can either study on your own through a study guide or sign up for test-prep classes. To give yourself enough time to prepare, you should register for the LSAT six to eight weeks before the test date.

Applying to Law School

As a law school candidate, graduation can be a very busy time. You are finishing your last set of classes, studying for the law school entrance exam, and choosing the right law school for you. You will want to research the various law schools around the country. There are many things you will want to know about them:
  • Academic ranking
  • Minimum LSAT test score
  • Minimum cumulative GPA required
  • Location
  • Application process
  • Length of program
  • Housing options
  • Financial obligations
  • Other requirements important to you

Preparing for Law School

At this point, you now hold your bachelor’s degree, passed the entrance exam, and have been accepted into law school. Getting some real-world experience before you start your law studies will help you academically and later on when you are looking to start your career.
  • Find an internship at a law firm
  • Get a part-time job in a law-related field
  • Volunteer at an organization that provides legal services
The point is to get real-world experience that you can apply to your studies. The concepts and the reality-based lessons that you learn in this experience can be valuable tools to help you with your studies.

After Law School

Once you begin law school, you will spend the next four to five years focused on your studies. Your classes will focus on many different types of law and procedures. You will find it competitive and fascinating at the same time. As you are finishing up, you will want to research the various law firms in the cities you want to practice in and find out what it takes to get an interview.

Start making the right connections and network with your instructors, fellow students, and other people. They may hold opportunities to get you the interviews with those law firms you want to work for.

After you graduate from law school, you will need to take the Bar Exam. This exam is specific to the state you want to practice law and become licensed in. Once you pass the Bar Exam, you will need to apply to the law firms you are interested in becoming an associate at.

If you take these steps, it will help you reach your dream of becoming a lawyer.

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