An auto accident attorney

Mishaps occur every day! Road and car accidents have become a part of our reality. There are times when a car accident occurs without the ill intention of anyone. And there are times when a car accident occurs because of the driver's negligence and intentional recklessness. Examples of rash driving and drunk driving are prevalent today. However, there are times when a car accident causes physical harm to another person. That is where you need to take the legal assistance to straighten things out. Here you can count on the expertise and skills of an auto accident attorney.

Thankfully, though, looking for an auto accident attorney today is no longer as difficult as it may have been in the past. The Internet is your best resource to start with. You can browse online to get connected with an attorney! The independent attorneys, like that of The Stephens Law Firm, have their website. Else, the reputed law firms also showcase the expert auto accident lawyers on their site as well. You can browse and compare websites, the services, and the cost before you make the final call. To know more about this, you can check out auto accident attorney Tampa. 

That said, read through this article to get acquainted with some of the best pointers that you should be aware of in the pursuit of hiring an auto accident attorney.

You need an auto accident attorney – Understanding the reasons

The majority of the personal injury claims today are accidents that involve a truck, car, bike, and various other vehicles. And these accidents result in minor to significant vehicle damage. It can also cause physical injury to the driver and others who got affected because of the car accident. In such a situation, you might have to get in touch with a reputed insurance company. But the car accidents that typically include fatality, physical injury, as well as other crucial damages, might require the proper legal representation of an expert counsel.

When you get the assistance and guidance of an expert attorney, you can manage your auto accident case better. Essentially, having an attorney by your side is one of the best protection that you can provide yourself after an accident.You can have the compensations required for covering the losses that you incur because of the accident. These include medical costs, car repairs, lost wages, and many more. There are situations where an auto accident attorney might assist you in recovering when someone close to you gets killed or loses their life due to the accident. It is usually the case of speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Sometimes, a car accident is intentional even when the driver is in a reasonable state of mind! And this can get defined as a criminal act. There is a definite motive behind this act! A car accident attorney can investigate and get to the root of the matter. If you think you can do this all by yourself, then it's a tall order. In most probabilities, you won't have the skill, time, patience, and the legal know-how and contacts to initiative such a thorough investigation. Hence, seeking the advice and guidance of an expert auto accident attorney is essential.

You can ask for family recommendations for such an attorney. Generally, the expert personal injury lawyers also accept auto accident lawsuits. You need to draw up a list of a few names, select the best one, and join hands with him/her.

Things you should keep in mind during the hiring process

The expert auto accident attorneys usually cover a wide range of problems. It varies from wrongful death, liability determinations, personal injury as well as property destruction. Hence, when you are about to hire an attorney, you must focus on the skills, experience, location, fee structure, and commitment.

For instance, an auto accident attorney needs to know the national and state transportation laws and its guidelines. They should also know the way to negotiate with an insurance company and the other health care service providers. An auto accident attorney is also capable of preparing and settles a legal case. You should also check the attorney's professional background, track his/her record, and the references.

Finally, an expert and decent auto accident lawyer will mostly accept the legal case based on contingency. They would take the legal case on a "no-win-no-fee" condition. However, it is only possible just in case your attorney gets convinced of the merit of your auto accident legal matter. An attorney can decide based on his/her legal insight and years of experience. Hence, you should always make it a point to determine the general fee structure of an expert attorney.

The perfect time to hire an auto accident lawyer

You should hire the best auto accident lawyer for averting any costly errors. The ultimate deadline for filing the personal injury claims differs from one state to the other. However, since you are required to pay for the medical bills and also compensate the lost earnings, it is best to appoint this lawyer earlier. Typically, you should get in touch with an attorney right after the accident. You should not delay it beyond a week or two. It is essential to hire the attorney before you want to settle the claims with an insurance company.

Important questions to ask Your Lawyer

It is essential to ask the potential auto accident lawyer pertinent questions before you say the final yes.  This fact is the reason that you go through the selection process very carefully. Don’t be in a rush. You have to give yourself ample time to get to know more about the lawyer and their expertise. Else, you might just find yourself trapped with a lawyer that can’t even do good for you.

Generally, these questions revolve around his/her work experience and professional records. These questions would also be related to the personal factors that you’ll have in mind when hiring your auto accident lawyer, or any lawyer, for that matter. 

Some of the crucial queries are:
  • How many car accident legal cases did the attorney accept so far?
  • What is the general settlement range for legal cases which is same as yours?
  • What is the professional experience of the attorney with a particular injury?
  • What is their standard fee structure?
  • How much of your auto accident legal case will the attorney manage?
  • What the out-of-pocket costs you are accountable for?

That is not all. Above all else, it's essential to get into a detailed discussion about the fees. Different lawyers have different requirement concerning the costs. 

Few auto accident attorneys expect a 40% advanced payment, even when your legal case has the merit to win. There are also those lawyers that don’t ask for any payment upfront, as their fee is based on a contingency fee schedule. This means that they’ll only charge you an amount when a positive settlement already comes out of your case, and monetary compensation has been paid to you by the erring party. Else, the lawyer doesn’t charge anything. It is essential to consider this; an auto accident case also involves other costs that only you must incur. You need to ensure that the lawyer fees and additional charges should get you into a financial burden. Finally, one essential advice is to ensure that the lawyer has a good reputation and client feedback. You can derive this from client testimonials and feedback. Make sure to check online reviews and then make your final decision.

FAQs About Accident or Personal Injury Case

1. What is a personal injury? 

Personal injury, like a car accident, is a legal term that applies for a bodily injury as well as mental or emotional pain and suffering sustained by a victim. It's a type of tort lawsuit wherein the person who files the suit has suffered harm.

2. Why is the advantage of hiring a local personal injury lawyer? 

One advantage of hiring a local personal injury lawyer is the local expertise. For instance, a Miami car accident lawyer already knows the existing state laws in Miami and has a broad network of connections that can influence the case. 

3. What is the first thing you need to do after a car accident? 

More than anything else, your safety must be your number one priority. That's why you have to move into a safe area before calling 911 or the emergency service, the police, and your personal injury lawyer. 

4. Is it advisable to take photos or videos of the car accident scene? 

To create substantial evidence that’s beneficial when filing a claim, it's a smart move to take photos or videos of the incident scene. If you can't take photos because of your condition, have your companion or a bystander do it for you. 

5. Can I refuse to give any statement after an accident?

Yes. You can refuse to talk or give a statement right after an accident because you might still be in a state of shock. You may say words that can incriminate yourself and get recorded in videos that can be used against you. 

6. What does the statute of limitations mean?

The statute of limitation is the time frame given for any person to file a personal injury case. It starts from the date of the accident or the time the victim realized the damages or noticed the first signs and symptoms of an occupational hazard, product defect, medication error, incorrect surgery procedure, or anything that caused harm.

Final Word

Meeting a car accident is never an instance that one would like to happen in their life. But,
unfortunately, this isn’t something that one would generally have full control over. Car accidents can happen at any given time. So, the most that you can do along that line is to be prepared.

Here, you’ve learned that when the situation warrants for it, having an auto accident attorney by your side is one of the best possible solutions for you to start with. Keep these guidelines in mind for you to know you’re hiring no one else less than the best.