Facebook Password

In this article, you will come to know that how to figure out Facebook password your friends or anyone in emergency situations like if your friend’s Facebook account is hacked, and he is seeking your help to recover it or to spy with the help of screen recorder.

What is Facebook?

In February 2004, a group of students of Harvard University made a social network as their project which connects the peoples inside the university only. It is owned by Mark Zuckerberg. In 2006, Facebook was opened for public, anyone of the age 13 years and older can use it. Facebook is now known as the most popular social network site in the world. Facebook is easy to use for everyone, even for a non-technical or non-educated person as well. Facebook provides facility of sharing current moods, status, images, videos, text and feelings to its users. Facebook provides free entertainment to its user all over the world.

Some key features of Facebook are

  • To share your photos, videos with your friends.
  • Maintain albums of your photos.
  • Share your life events and achievements with your loved ones.
  • Express your thinking by posting it on Facebook.
  • Made new friends.
  • Chat with them. Facebook also provides voice and video chat facility.
  • Create business groups or pages.
There are almost 1.56 Billion users on Facebook. Facebook has redefined the way of communication. So, everyone wants to get the password of the Facebook account of their loved one or friends for the purpose of spying.

What is spying?

Spying simple definition is to collect secrete and personnel information of someone. People spy for many reasons, some do spy for their business, some spy on other peoples to know what they are planning to do next. Spying can be beneficial for one but on the other hand it causes a great damage to others privacy and personal life. We will elaborate how to figure out someone’s password with screen recorder.

What is screen recorder?

Screen recorder is an app or software used to record video of anything you are doing in your screen. There are several uses of screen recorder; it saves content of your screen while you are performing any task or playing any game etc. Screen recorder is highly used by your tubers and it is gaining popularity day by day. People record some sort of procedure for instance how to download video from YouTube, many people record video on this issue, what they do, just on their screen recorder and then simply start doing the procedural steps of downloading a video from YouTube, screen recorder will record all the content of their screen and whoa! Your video is ready to post. 

Many people want to save the video of their love ones during video who are living in abroad or out of town, simple solution to this is to install screen recorder on your android or IOS before video chatting, this will save your memories for later. There are many more advantages of using spyware app and uses of screen recorder software, that’s why it’s catchy among People easily and rapidly. There are some most used and highly rated screen recorders apps on play store, listed below:

Screen Recorder V Recorder:

Its total size is of 17 MB and it is rated as 4.5☆ on play store. People find it easy to use and helpful app.
  • The key advantages of this apps are:
  • it provides you the facility of powerful recording.
  • Hide the record window easily from the frame while capturing screen.
  • It takes only one touch to start.
  • Record everything on your screen with audio.
  • Its interface is very simple.
  • Video recorded using this app is of high quality.
  • It provides you trendy filters and cute stickers.
  • It has thousands of free licensed music.
  • You have speed control on your video while recording.
  • It has a Magic Brush to draw a anything you want; you can draw a cute doodle as well.
  • Share your recordings with your friends easily.
  • Highly recommended for tutorial recording.

Screen Recorder Pro:

Its total size is 15 MB and it is rated as 4.0☆ on play store by peoples. People find it easy to use and helpful app. The key advantages of this apps are:
  • Root is not needed
  • No time limits for video recordings.
  • High quality video of 1080p.
  • It provides facility of video editing as well.
  • Trim video from start or ending parts.
  • It also has magic effects to enhance your recorded videos.
  • You can choose any music of your choice.
  • A good key advantage of this app is that it provides you the facility of adding subtitle in your recorded video.
  • Download recorded video over Wi-Fi to your computer.

Screen Recorder and Video Recorder:

Its total size is just 8 MB and it is rated as 4.7☆ on play store. People have given very good reviews about this app as well. The key advantages of this apps are:
  • Root is not needed.
  • No watermark
  • No limits for video recording
  • Supports all videos like live shows, Bigo live, musical.ly, tic took, YouTube, Twitch etc.
  • Floating window for easy control.
  • This app has a countdown timer to make you prepare before starting video recording.
  • Easy to pause /resume recording, rotate screen.
  • Face cam is also included
  • It provides facility of video recording as well.
  • Record Gameplay while you are playing your game.
  • Video sharing is much easier.

Master screen recorder with Audio:

Its total size is 16 MB and it is rated as 4.7☆ on play store by peoples.
  • People find it easy to use and
  • helpful app. The key advantages of this apps are:
  • Provide facility of face camera to record your self and make original video.
  • The good thing about this app is you just need to shake your phone to stop your video recording.
  • Easily hides the recording window.
  • High quality videos.
  • Simple interface and easy to use.
  • Changes aspect ratio to widescreen vertical or square automatic.

Hidden Screen Recorder:

Hidden screen recorder runs in background and it’s all icons are hidden during the recording so you can easily spy or figure out any secret information. Key advantages of this app are:
  • Show or hide icon and open by the password you set.
  • Start mode
  • No time limit for video recording
  • No limit for number of videos to record.
  • Disable notifications during screen recording.

You can download any of these listed screen recorders for best experience.
But for figuring out someone’s Facebook password you need to download Hidden Screen Recorder. Follow following steps to figure out the Facebook Password of the person you want:
  • First download Hidden screen recorder app.
  • Open app set your credential.
  • When you are with the person whose password you want to figure out, start Hidden screen app, fill your credential, and then Open Facebook app.
  • Ask that person to open their fb account for few minutes, and then fake scrolling and ask them to logout from their account.

And Boom! You got your desired Facebook password, now you came easily spy on the person’s chats and much more things. Although spying on someone is unethical but sometimes it’s much needed, so be careful when you are spying on anyone.