Truck Alignment Machine

According to the data gathered in the TXTA Safety Management Council Spring Seminar, 10 percent of the time vehicular crashes are caused by its vehicle’s tires. It will get you to think that lousy alignment may be the cause of it. After all, a poor alignment will result in a myriad of problems.
The faulty alignment will lead to premature wearing of your tires. Truck drivers notice wearing of its edges, the tires also feathers and cups. There’s also the shakes or vibrations because of the misbalanced wheels.

A truck service shop owner like you should be able to handle complete wheel alignment. That is possible if you have the right semi truck alignment machine for your bays. True enough, there are so many truck alignment machines available in the market. You need to consider these factors when it comes to buying an alignment machine.

Things to Consider When Buying a Semi-truck Alignment Machine

  • Minimal time for setup. It should be lightning-fast and should take you lesser trips around the vehicle.
  • Fast truck alignment procedure. The machine should be able to make reading super-fast.
  • Easy-to-read printout. The printout should entail an alignment reading that’s easy to comprehend.
The good thing about RavAmerica is that they have truck alignment machines perfect for any bay of a truck service shop.

Here the options you can choose from:

RAV TD8060T Versaliner Heavy Duty Truck Mobile Alignment System

Many people wonder why they should choose the Versaliner Heavy Duty Truck Mobile Alignment System over other brands. For one, it could be used in and outside the shop. Imagine that you can service those trucks that needed alignment on the side of the road.

That’s adding new customers in the market by offering convenience to them. This machine can also provide alignment to almost any kind of vehicle that has wheels from trucks to trailers, coaches, buses, and those vehicles with multiple axles. Lastly, you won’t have to worry about rolling or pushing the truck to get the exact measurement.

RAV TD8060T FastLiner Standard

RAV TD8060T FastLiner Standard is for you if you’re looking for a conventional type of truck alignment machine for your workshop. The machine has a welded metal console that also contains the PC and printer. You’ll find the sensor heads charge lodged on the adjacent of the cabinet. Not only that, you’ll find it convenient to use especially that it has a SmartTablet remote control.

Another good thing that this machine has is the FastCheck program. The program will take a reading within 2-3 minutes. It can determine the condition of the steer axle alignment. This information may not be enough to convince you the get this semi-truck alignment machine. But you should know that you will be able to use this machine from bay to bay without any hassle.

All you have to do is use the SmartPhone remote control. Lastly, close the sale and convince your client to get the alignment by showing the graphical evidence printout. It will help you convince the truck owner why there’s a need for proper alignment and the possible consequences if the adjustment isn’t made.