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How can intruders bump keys for entering your home?

intruders bump keys

Lock bumping is a topic which is the taking point of the town today. Majority of the homes are still using chamber locks as a principal mode of safety; however, their mechanism is not full proof either. A strategy, known as "lock bumping" is way through which a criminal embeds a key cut especially into the lock, at that point tenderly "bumps" it with a hammer or a screwdriver. This powers the pins in the lock to the shear line as the key turns and the doorway opens. For the best results for your door security, hire professional OKC locksmith services.

The "bumping key" required to achieve this is easy to get and can even be brought online. The strategy requires no unique aptitude, and it's powerful more often than not, enabling hoodlums to enter your home with no indication of a forceful break-in. Lock bumping prospect is a genuine risk that you should pay attention to when assessing home safety.

Individuals regularly allude to bump keys as "999 keys" because each edge is sliced to a profundity of nine out of a key-production machine. These keys are in this manner simple to deliver and obtain, and they take under 5 minutes to make. Older and less expensive locks are, in reality, progressively impervious to knocking since they are not cut as absolutely; they're clunky, and the inward sticks don't move as quickly as on higher-end locks.

Protection against bumping:

  • Adding chain hooks to your outside doorways is a good option. It doesn't influence your lock's vulnerability to bump; however, it gives an extra obstruction that a hoodlum should sidestep to pick up passage.
  • Have a locksmith change your current locks and deadbolts by adding extra sticks to them. It doesn't make your locks insusceptible to bolt bumping; however, it makes the procedure progressively troublesome. It usually is more reasonable than a lock substitution. Hire professional OKC locksmith services.
  • Supplant your current locks with knock safe locks. Grade one locks are fantastic, totally invulnerable to a passage from bump keys, and furthermore essentially pick-resistant. These are the best decision where most extreme security is wanted. Grade two locks, which are regularly utilized in business applications and apartments, are viewed as very impervious to knock keys, and they are frequently installed in common private applications.
  • Installing a home security framework is another ideal choice. A security framework identifies when a doorway opens, irrespective of how it occurs. The system, at that point, sets off a caution or alarms experts once the lock has been undermined. Walk to us with your issues as we have a collection of authorized and experienced auto locksmith Philadelphia.


While lock bumping is a real issue, your first step should be to make sure that every doorways and window are bolted around evening time and when you are outside, as those purposes of passage still represent the more significant security hazard. When you realize your home is protected, think about the strategies by which to make those outside protections more enhanced. Converse with a locksmith about improving or supplanting your current chamber locks and understand what potential arrangements are well within your capacity budget-wise.

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