“Computer hackers like getting into areas of a computer that they are not supposed to, and lock picking is really just analogue hacking,” member Jos Weyers once said.
While traditional lock picking, using lock pick tools, remains popular, experts are always looking for new ways to open locks.
Here are some of the surprisingly easy way to open locks, where expert skills are not required.

1. Easily open a Master Lock in seconds

Lock picking expert Bosnian Bill unveiled a simple way to open the #3 Master Lock using a small brass hammer.
Bosnian Bill shows how the Master Lock be opened after pulling on it and hitting it at a rapid pace with the small hammer.

2. Opening a pin tumbler lock using lock bumping

Using lock bumping is an easy way to open a pin tumbler lock. This is done using a specially crafted bump key, and giving it a few bumps.

3. Using a credit card to open a locked door

It is simple to use a credit card to open door locks which are not well designed, as shown in the following video.

4. Opening a car door with a coat hanger

It is relatively easy to use a metal coat hanger to open a locked car door, as shown in the video below.

5.Using a tennis ball to open a car lock

Some car locks can be unlocked using a tennis ball with a small hole in it. The pressure created from the ball being pushed against the keyhole pops open the lock – see the video below.

6. Open a Master Lock easily with a piece of a beer can

It is easy to open a Master Lock using a piece of an aluminium beer can – as shown in the video below.

7. Open a combination Master Lock in eight tries or less

Security expert Samy Kamkar showed that any combination Master Lock can be cracked in 8 combinations or less.

8. Opening an automatically-locking door from the outside

Kamkar illustrated how easy it is to open an automatically-locking door from the outside using canned air.