perfect Jewelry for Women

Men, to woo women, shower them with gifts, like flowers, chocolates, and expensive perfumes. These gifts serve as a testimony of their overflowing love to particular women.

In terms of flowers, roses are the most “Instagrammed” flower in 2018, with over 18 million posts, followed by Cherry Blossoms, and Tulips came in third, according to an article by Katie-Avis Riordan of House Beautiful.

Yet gifts like flowers, chocolates, and perfume, no matter how expensive they get, fade in beauty, and their value depreciates.

So here’s a tip: Give her something that she could carry along with her; something that could last for a lifetime.

Diamonds and gold may be expensive, but they last. Invest and give your special someone jewelry that will last a lifetime. However, we cannot deny that we also have to mind our budget when buying someone a gift. So here’s another tip: if it is scarce and if it is rare, it is expensive.

Diamonds are forever, and gold is precious, but the question is – which one is rarer? As an element, gold is more special than a diamond. Gold is found in small or low concentrations in the Earth’s crust. The gold deposit would have to be 1,250 times more concentrated on producing gold of market value.

The price of gold varies across time. The thing about gold is its value appreciates over time; the same goes for a diamond. Diamond is more expensive than gold even though gold is rarer than diamond. Its rarity has nothing to do with its elemental composition but its transformation from carbon into diamonds.

If you are planning to get that girl, always watch out for the price of gold and diamond. It is best to get her either one or even both!

Here are some outlets that offer you jewelry and their classic pieces that women love. It might help you choose which ones to give to your beloved.

Tiffany & Co.

This firm collaborated with a number of artists and designers like Jean Schlumberger and Andy Warhol. These collaborations produced stunning results, which include a top of the line diamond and sterling silver pieces. Some of their iconic pieces include the Heart Tag charm bracelet, Heart Tag Pendant, and Tiffany T Bracelet.

Cartier Jewelry

Since its inception in 1847, the jewelry retailer is celebrated for its playful design in their pieces. Their iconic pieces include Love Bracelet, Trinity De Cartier Ring, and Panthere De Cartier Ring.

Lorraine Schwartz Diamonds and Fine

Lorraine Schwartz is also known as the “Jewish Queen of Oscars Bling” as she had dressed up superstars with her jewelry design. Her iconic pieces are made specifically for her superstar clients like Beyonce’s gloves and ring in her music video for Single Ladies and Lady Gaga’s dripping diamond earrings.

Rest assured that these jewelers will make sure that not only you will have a timeless, elegant piece but also an iconic one as well. Loving a person or making someone happy doesn’t have to be expensive. But if you love someone, you should invest in her. After all, diamonds are forever, and gold is precious, make her feel that she is too.