Renting Trailers

When it’s time to rent a trailer for your business or family, you need to look at a few factors that come into play for rentals. You must find a rental company that you believe you can trust, and you should find a trailer for rent that suits your needs. Rent the trailer locally, and ensure that you have gone through the list below so that you know you’re renting the right trailer for your situation.

Personal or Business Use?

If you’re searching for dump trailers for sale and rent in Walpole, you need to be specific about what it is for. Renting for a family trip is different than renting for a business. Plus, the type of business will change the sort of trailer you should rent.

Families can get open trailers for a low price when they are taking a motorcycle or Jet Ski on vacation. The parent who is responsible for hauling a large project to school can get a simple/open trailer.

However, a business needs a heavy-duty trailer that can carry a lot of weight. A closed trailer will be very helpful for businesses because the trailer can be locked. Plus, families that are moving may want to rent a closed trailer that will protect their personal items from the elements.

How Long Is The Trailer?

Make sure that the trailer is the appropriate length for your move, trip, or business. You can check dimensions online before you go to the lot to see the trailer, and you can measure whatever it is you’re hauling so that you know how much space you need. You must also check the height of items that you’re hauling in case you plan to use a closed trailer.

Does The Trailer Have A Heavy Duty Weight Rating?

The trailer needs to have a heavy-duty weight rating that allows you to carry your industrial equipment. Carpet cleaners, plumbers, and landscapers need trailers that can hold a lot of extra weight, and you should ask about the weight rating before you continue with the process. Once you have found a trailer that is the proper length, height, and rating, you may begin asking about pricing.

How Long Is The Standard Rental Contract?

If you’re renting the trailer for a day or less, you need to make certain that the company does not have a minimum rental duration. You should be able to rent the trailer by the hour if needed, and you need to pay for mileage on top of the rental. Ask the company if they have special trailer hitches that they can attach to your car, or ask the company if they have a trailer hitch that is big enough for your industrial trucks.

Can You Leave The Area With The Trailer Or Return It To Another Location?

Ask the rental company if you can use the trailer to travel on vacation out of state, to move out of state, or if you can return the trailer to another location. Some people assume that they can return their trailers to another location of the same company, but that is not always the case. Ask the rental company what their policy is if they have a mileage limit on the trailer, and when/where the trailer can be returned.


The trailer that you want to rent should be the proper size, hold the right amount of weight, and the right price. Plus, you need to know what the company’s contract looks like so that you know if there are any special rules to follow.