Cordless Caulking Gun

A caulking gun is a handy tool. Usually used for filling up small cracks around doors and windows. The device has two parts the caulk tube and the frame. Loading the caulk tube in the frame is a bit tricky and describe on my tools gallery. Once you get to know the method, you will be ready to use a caulk gun. To have a clear idea about how to use a caulk gun, make sure to read this article to the end.

Remove all the old caulk with a sharp object

Before applying new caulk on a cracked surface, remove the old caulk that has been used before. This step prevents applying a new caulk layer over a weak foundation. A clean surface also allows you to be more precise with your application. Remove old caulk by scraping it with a knife on any other sharp object. A wire brush can also be used. To remove silicon-based based caulk needle-nose pliers are used.

Clean the surface properly before applying new caulk layer

Properly clean the surface with a mix of warm water and rubbing alcohol. Use a rag dipped in the alcohol mix to clean the surface thoroughly. Make sure to dry it off using a clean, dry cloth. The new layer of caulk will not set appropriately over dirt or grime leftover. Scrapers can be used to deeply clean cracks.

Masking tapes can be used for more precise application

Applying masking tape over and under the surface prevents it from touching any unwanted surface. Caulk can be applied more precisely on the crack after getting it taped.

Reloading the caulk gun

A small trigger is present on the back of the caulking gun. Press and hold the lever with your thumb. This releases the long rod running the full length of the frame. Pull this rod with your other hand. The rod must be pulled entirely and held back. The next step is to insert the caulking tube. Holding the rod back in a position, insert the tube into the frame. The nozzle of the hose should be facing outside. Make sure the tube fits tightly into the frame. Don’t forget to pierce a hole at the back of the tunnel. Some caulk has inbuilt piercing tools with the structure.

Piercing the tube with the metal rod

After the tube is securely placed inside the frame push back the metal rod into the tube. While pushing the rod back, the hook must pierce deep in the back. The latch ensures that the tube does not move. It also aids the functioning of the trigger.

Cut the nose of the tube at a 45-degree angle to adjust the amount of caulk coming out

Cut the sealed nose of the caulking tube for the desired amount of caulk coming out. For small amounts, cut the machine away from the container. For a large amount cut nozzle near the tunnel.

Applying caulk on the cracked surface

Hold the caulk gun at a 45-degree angle and press the trigger. Keep your hands steady while pressing the trigger caulk will come out of the tube. Move it across the crack to fill up the crack. Caulk sets quickly, so avoid shaky hands while applying. Smooth the layer with a heated metal tool. Remove the masking tapes and let the caulk set. Read more Diy Cordless Hammer Drill At Your Home