The cordless hammer drill is a tool for drilling holes into the metal surfaces, woods, bricks or masonry surfaces. It is a very powerful tool for driving screws and drilling holes on hard surfaces.

This cordless hammer drill is well-liked and accepted among the DIY supporters and professionals.

These cordless drill machines are also known as power tools and have become a symbol in the households. In day to day life, little repairs are needed in the house and for this purpose; these dynamic tools play a very imperative role.

I bought a cordless hammer drill machine for my house DIY as these iconic tools are needed in everyday life.
Buy The Cordless Hammer Drill Having The Following Features

But before purchasing this tool, some important tips we need to keep in mind:

·         GET A HIGH VOLTAGE DRILL: As varieties of these tools are available in the market, you need to get a high voltage drill. A high voltage drill will enable you to drive screws or drill holes on hard surfaces as it is highly powerful.
·         LIGHT-DUTY DRILL FOR HOUSEHOLDS:  The light-duty drills are much appropriate for small household chores and come with 6V to 12V battery normally.
·         MEDIUM CORDLESS HAMMER DRILLS: The medium cordless drills are of usually 12V to 18V battery. These are apt for all drilling and driving screw works in routine life. These are not fit for heavy-duty work.

I will suggest you to purchase a light or medium duty drill mainly of 18V battery which can handle household repairs, DIY and is fit for professionals as well. Though heavy-duty drill machines are available too in the market but are right for the construction workers.

Advantages Of Cordless Hammer Drill Over Corded Drill Machines

Ø  CONVENIENT TO USE: The cordless drills are handy as these are charged battery pack and can be easily packed and carried to anywhere. If any of your friend or family members asks you for a drilling work help, you can simply take your drill machine with you to their place. It makes your work simple and effortless.
Ø  PORTABLE DRILLING MACHINE: These prevailing cordless hammer drills are portable. As a corded drilling machine is huge and cannot be easily carried, it is beneficial to use cordless drills as these are easy to hold and handle and can move to tight corners in the house.


Here are the tips to keep in mind while handling a cordless drill:
ü  Wear your safety glasses to shield your eyes while drilling.
ü  If you are drilling on metal, mark on the position. It helps you to pinpoint and drive the drill easily.
ü  In no way hold a cordless drill by the trigger; someone may get hurt if your finger slips.
ü  Avoid touching a drill bit after using the drill, the metal may be hot from friction.
ü  Make sure the battery on the cordless drill is properly installed and charged before using the drill.
ü  Avoid saggy clothing that could probably get caught by the drill.

Make your home improvements by the use of cordless hammer drills but with some safety measures.