Conference rooms are an important spot for any organization. This is where the roadmap is given to the employees, strategies are discussed, and collaboration is made. However, along with other factors, the AV company plays a vital role to make your conference a success story. 

Picking up the right AV company will come up with cushions like advisors, a supportive team, and much more. While landing upon the wrong AV company can prove to be a nightmare.

So here is what you should know beforehand about an AV company before formally signing a contract with it:

Company’s experience

There is no substitute for experience. This is the first thing you should try to unearth about an audio visual rental company. Less-experienced bunch of professionals is supposed to take help from a lot of guesswork, which means you can never sit back and rely on their expertise.

Often an AV company is responsible for the entire event – from start to finish. The margin of committing a mistake is minimal there, and a tiny slip could prove to be a blunder. For example, if there are any lapses in the structure of the stage then it could lead to several injuries since such occurrences are not so you must cherrypick experts with considerable experience in the tank.


Nothing to take away from experience or skills, but culture is also something you should mull over. An organization will never provide the best return of your investment until it is on top of its company culture. A company could be full of skills and selfish at the same time.

You should ask questions like “what are your values?” or “what is the crux of your company culture?” You can quickly evaluate their culture from the answers of the above questions and handpick a company which gels well with you.

Ask for the company’s past references

The track record of a company can disclose a lot of things about it. You should ask all the AV companies to show the list of their past clients. It will simplify the whole process of hiring for you.

If the list does not help you to decide, you should request for the case studies. Videos and photos provided by the company can reveal its professionalism. However, an AV company which has the history of organizing concerts might not be the best match for your conference.

What makes it different from competitors

The growth of the AV industry is all set to be 9.5 percent in 2019. It speaks volume about the industry's popularity. Unfortunately, many of the AV companies believe in blame games instead of taking their responsibility. It is also not unusual for these companies to back step from their earlier terms and conditions at the last minute. Sometimes the team is not on top of the communication, and it goes to harm your conference quite severely.

So you must ask from them how they are different from the rest of their competitors. What makes them stand out of the traditional AV companies?

Trust me, and if working with the AV team is not fun, the result is going to be a satisfactory one.

Demand a quote walk-through

The company you hire should give you a quote walk-through. It should provide you an in-depth analysis of why every single item is being used in your conference and how it is going to upscale the effectiveness of the whole event.

You should not restrain from asking questions. If any item looks unnecessary, then ask the AV expert to justify its usage. While explaining, the company members can use technical language. Ask them to speak in layman’s language because there is not a single piece of equipment that can’t be defined in simple terminology.

At the end of the meeting, you still walk out confused then there is no point to persist with the same company. Off you go to another one.

Is the company willing to provide CAD design?

Well, the walk-through quote does give you a picture of the expenses, and somewhat vividly explains how the whole conference will be arranged. But CAD design helps to visualize everything crystal clear. It is the blueprint of what you are going to get at the end.

The number of screens, lights, the setting of stage, decoration, and everything else will be right in front of your eyes through CAD. Now if the design is exactly what you were looking then settle for it otherwise you can shop around to get the arrangement of your liking.

Final thoughts

It could be a tough ask to finalize an AV company, especially when you want to hire it for an important conference. Though, if you follow the procedure explained above, you are quite likely to stumble upon the right AV company. What’s more, you will end up saving your time and concentrate on the event wholeheartedly.
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