Orchard Audios came into being in 2017, the experts and founding members with their expertise had worked tirelessly into the field of engineering with several well-known agencies such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, L3 Technologies and others. After the formation of Orchard Audios, they started releasing their own products and the BOSC-HiFi Monoblock audio amplifier is one of their most amazing creations. Orchard Audios have a tradition of naming their products after things that grow in orchards. Due to which, the name BOSC comes after a pear.

What BOSC really is?

BOSC is a HiFi Monoblock audio amplifier which is manufactured by using the latest technology of gallium nitride. It is a small yet very powerful amplifier and it has the ability to produce live sound. Even today, larger amplifiers are using the traditional and old technologies and have not been able to produce the sound as clear and crisp as does the BOSC amplifier. The amplifier is designed in a small size but it contains all the intricate details which make it as powerful as a huge amplifier.

How is BOSC different from other amplifiers?

The first and the most important distinctive features that BOSC has is its price. Amplifiers in the market cost thousands of dollars and it can be really difficult to rely on one because most of them are still using typical technologies. BOSC with its latest gallium nitride technology has a very affordable price. The second thing that greatly differentiates BOSC with other amplifiers is its size. Amplifiers are supposed to be big and heavy but this one is smaller yet has the same power as compared to larger amplifiers. 

Also, this amp has no bass phase shifts and has ultra-low distortions which make the sound super crisp and clear. The ultra-low distortions make you feel that you are hearing a live sound. It has a tremendous control on the speaker which is another thing that makes it different. Lastly, due to its small size, you are able to place it anywhere you like. It will not interfere with the decor.

What are the key features of BOSC?

The key features of BOSC are:

a) No hard to handle cables

Since this amp has a smaller size, you can place it closer to the speaker and save yourself from tangled cables.

b) Gallium Nitride technology

Many amplifiers, even in the present days are using old technologies but BOSC has the gallium nitride technology which is the latest and provides a top-notch sound.

c) No base phase shifts

No base phase shifts enable that there is ultra-low distortion and noise so that the quality of the sound increases while making it crisp and clear.

d) High damping factor

The high damping factor of the amplifier makes sure that there is greater control of the speaker.

e) Balanced design

BOSC is designed in a way which maintains the balance of the inputs and outputs.

f) Compact size

Lastly, the compact size makes it so easy to carry it and transport it from one destination to the other.

Who can use the BOSC amplifier?

All those people who have a passion for high-quality sound will appreciate this amplifier a lot. However, music producers, audio enthusiast, DJs, Music lovers, sports enthusiast, and audiophiles will surely enjoy this amplifier.

What are some of the benefits of the BOSC amplifier?

a)      Good investment

The first benefit of the BOSC amplifier is that you get the value for the money you are investing. Not once you will feel that you have wasted money because it has high-quality performance.

b)      Durable

A lot of effort and expertise have gone into the manufacturing of this amplifier due to which each component has been attached very carefully. The great amount of expertise makes it a durable product which will last you for decades.

c)      Easy operation

You don’t have to spend hours learning “how to operate the amplifier” because it is very easy and you will be able to learn easily.

d)      Tremendous sound

It produces a very high-quality live sound.

You will be surprised that how this amplifier will become a request at every dinner party, movie night or any other event where you would need a high-quality sound.