Glowing Skin

Getting married is one of the biggest dreams for everyone. On this day, getting a picture-perfect look from head to toe is what the need of the moment is. Be it about the dress or the make-up, everything needs to be simply flawless. For this, would-be brides do every possible thing. If it is about having a perfect look on the special day of your life, then you have to put in some efforts before the day of the wedding. Drooling over the aisles of cosmetic products is not the permanent solution. Add naturally prepared essential oils in the skincare routine and prep your skin to flaunt on your wedding night. There are many essential oils uses that you will get to know by scrolling down!

If you are thinking of indulging yourself in the spa treatment one or two days before of tying knots, then you are not making it easier for you to look good, but you are making it too stressful for you by dragging the most important part of grooming to the last. There are two modes of beauty treatment that every bride should go for. One is grooming and the other is beauty. It is mandatory to give yourself at least two to three months to prep yourself for the biggest day of your life. For this, the bride-to-be has to revamp the skincare routine with some natural substitutes like essential oils.

If you are wondering which essential oils are to be included in the make-up kit, then here are some oils given below that can be your ultimate solution. So, scroll down and enjoy the essential oils uses:

(1.) Tea Tree Essential Oil

This oil is one of the recognized oils that have amazing medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antimicrobial, and antifungal that makes it one of the best agents to fight pimples and acne. This oil is also used to promote healthy skin due to its capability to fight bacteria that cause breakouts.

(2.) Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is packed with many beneficial properties and radicals that cure irritated skin, redness, tanning, and skin discoloration by restoring the natural skin tone. With this, it also makes it bright glowing.

(3.) Rosehip Essential Oil

This oil contains antioxidant properties that help in regenerating the skin tissues and cells and also reduces the fine lines and wrinkles reducing the symptoms of aging. If you want to start your treatment for the younger-looking skin, then this is the best oil that is must to be in your make-up bag.

(4.) Clary Sage Essential Oil

If you are irritated with the skin condition of yours due to pimples and acne, then Clary Sage oil is the one that can solve your problem. It has properties that fight the bacteria that cause pimples, boils, and carbuncles. This oil controls the sebum production in the skin and also balances the oil that is present in the skin resulting in acne and pimples.

(5.) Geranium Essential Oil

If you are not sure about your skin type and looking for such oil that can suit you, then this is the one that can be your easy-to-go solution for solving many skin issues. This oil is the one that is non-irritant, non-toxic and non-sensitizing that makes it suitable to work on every skin type. With this, if you are having problems like clogged pores and congested skin, then this can be your companion for sure.

(6.) Lemon Essential Oil

If you are stressed and it is clearly visible on your skin, then one of the best ways to reduce the effect is to use Lemon oil. It is packed with amazing properties and free radicals that reduces the stress and lines from your skin making it beautiful and glowing.

(7.) Sandalwood Essential Oil

You must have an idea about how important this oil is for you as it is an old age home remedy that your grandparents prefer to make skin flawless. This oil treats rashes, acne, boils, and other infections with its amazing and beneficial healing properties. You can mix this oil with an apt carrier or base oil and can use it on your skin directly without any problem.

All the above-mentioned essential oils are the perfect one to be included in the skincare routine to have that picture-perfect look on the dream day of yours. If you are looking for some good quality products, then many online stores offer an enticing range of natural substitutes that can ginger-up the skincare routine. For this, you can explore, which is an online store proving an amazing and huge range of oils like essential oils, spice oils, exotic oils, and carrier oils that can make your skin perfect and flawless for your biggest day. So, buy essential oils online in India and enjoy the amazing benefits of these magical oils.