Every year, millions of people are involved in car accidents that lead to injury, damage, or death. Each accident is unique, but one thing is common for almost everyone. The last thing on the mind of an accident victim is taking pictures, but it’s one of the most crucial steps you can take to make sure you’re legally and financially protected.

This is because an insurance adjuster’s job is to dispute your claim and make your payout as small as possible. They’re in business to make money, after all, so keeping it in the company is their main objective. So, your main objective should be to protect yourself to get the settlement you need and to make sure the events can’t be misconstrued.

Why are photos of an accident important?

Whether you’re at fault for the accident or not, photos can help you preserve the evidence. Police officers will likely photograph the scene to an extent, but you still should capture as much as you can. They’re usually looking for certain things, but it could be a small detail you didn’t consider that saves you in court.

In an accident, claims adjusters will look closely at how and where the cars are positioned after the crash. They’ll look at the angles of skid marks. And they’ll look for anything that could have caused the accident. If the other person is at fault, their insurance company will look for ways to disprove that. For example, they’ll look for missing traffic signals or debris in the road that could have caused the driver to swerve or fail to stop. Or they will look for signs that it could have, instead, been your fault.

In these cases, photos will help your attorney build your case and prove that you were a victim. They’ll also provide proof of any injuries you may have sustained. But not only do pictures prove the incidents to other people, but they also help you remember important facts you might otherwise forget. It’s not uncommon to experience shock and other emotional trauma after an accident, and after a time, these events can become more and more unclear.

How to take pictures after an accident

Depending on how severe the accident is, a lot of chaos and confusion could be going on around you. In these scenarios, it can be difficult to remember to take photos at all, much less how to take them. Immediately after someone has called the police, you should out get your smartphone and start snapping pics.

You’ll want to take up-close photos of damage on the vehicles, including scratches, dents, or broken glass. Also, take pictures of any injuries, both yours and any others. Then, you should take photos of any skid marks on the highway or damage to other property, such as railings or signs. You’ll also want to take photos of the people involved, license plates, tires, and anything on the road that could have caused damage.

Also be sure to step back and take a photo of the entire scene, including both vehicles and the surrounding area. Take note of hazardous road or weather conditions, debris on the road, and nearby signs and traffic lights. Be sure to organize your photos in a way that they’re easily accessible for evidence. You can and should keep them on your smartphone or in the cloud, but you should also print the most relevant ones and keep them in something like photo storage boxes for quick reference.

Other steps to take after an accident

Aside from taking photos, you have several other things to do immediately after an accident. During those stressful moments, they can be easy to forget. First, call 911. Many times, everyone on the scene will just assume someone else has called, but unless you know that for a fact, just go ahead and call them yourself. Check yourself and your other passengers for injuries. If you’re able, also check on the passengers of the other car. The 911 operator will need to know as many facts as possible.

Next, get to safety. Most of the time, you’ll be safest where you are, but under some circumstances where you need to move quickly. For example, if the vehicle is on fire, or if you’re in the middle of a highway, you’ll need to get away from the scene. Then, if you’re able, you can start making other important phone calls. These might include a family member to come get you or your personal injury lawyer in Topton, PA.

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