cooling hat.

Walking outside on a sunny day can be very refreshing most especially after a long winter. The heat from the sun warms you up from your head down to your toes.

Going for a run also feels refreshing, you get to sweat and feel the heat all over your body. As much as these activities are great for you, when you engage in them, you most often than not cover your head.

When going for that walk, or hike, when running most times either in the heat or the cold, you would wear a hat. Wearing a hat when it is cold is to protect your head and body. Heat, they say, escapes from the body faster through your, covering your head when it is cold is a way for you to stay warm.

When it is warm outside, there is an opposite effect. The body does not need to generate warmth, the environment around you is already warm enough. So, what you need is to be cool instead. Been cool should start with your head. It is simply easy to suffer from a heat stroke or pass out when it is hot. So, what you need is a means by which to stay cool from your head down to your toes. Most people would opt for pouring cool water over their heads, but note that when it is hot, it would only evaporate faster.

Another thing you can do is wear a hat. Most women when heading to the beach or doing some gardening, will wear a hat to protect their heads from the sun’s rays. In these cases, you find out that you would continue to sweat even with the hat on. What happens here is, although your head is covered and protected from the heat of the sun, most of your body heat escapes through your head so you end up sweating underneath you hat. The good thing here is that you face especially your eyes, is protected from the heat.

So, you have a hat on, but you are still sweating. What you need then is a cooling hat. A cooling hat is a hat which has a slit at the back with which water can be poured into, preferably cold water. The cold water is trapped inside the hat in a thin shell that goes round the hat and produces a heat reducing result round your skull. This is a great way to remain cool either when running or engaging in any activity which happens outdoors. These activities can be camping, hiking, construction work, landscaping, or any form of activity that happens under the sun.

For days which are very hot, the cooling hat is your answer. It is designed with the capacity to keep your head cool with temperatures in the high 70’s. it works by creating a vault of coolness which surrounds your skull and protects you from suffering any ill effects of a very hot day. When you cooling hat is worn, the feeling you get is like having a damp cloth placed around your head. The damp feeling comes from the evaporation of water from the head as the day progresses. This evaporation is caused by the interaction of the air, you body heat and the water in the hat.

When this happens, i.e., the evaporation of the water, a cooling effect takes places which starts at your head down to your feet. This cooling effect is important when you find yourself outdoors in the sun no matter the activity you are engaged in. The fear of the hat ripping and the water leaking out is minimal as the material which the hat is made from is stiff, although there is a weird feeling like carrying a waterbed on your head as you move around.

When you have days that are just humid, wearing a cooling hat might not be advisable. The reason for this is, it would take a longer time for the water to evaporate and create the cooling effect which you need. Instead what happens is, the water remains almost the same temperature and becomes clammy which gives you an uncomfortable feeling around your skull. Another instance when cooling hats aren’t best is high-aerobic activities. This is so because the water might evaporate faster leaving you with a hat that might be a bit heavy depending on the material. So, the hat is best suited for activities which are more stationary like construction work, camping etc.

The need for cooling hats are numerous. Not only the health benefits but also for your comfort. There is no need to stay directly in front of a fan all through the hot days in the year or always have to place a damp wash cloth around your head or face when you go outside. Cooling hats can take care of that for you. Just open the slit behind, pour in some cold water, wear on your head and you are good to go.

There are other headwear which are designed for your cooling comfort. They are not hats only. There are cooling headbands, which would be great from running also and high-aerobic activities. There are also cooling skull caps, which protects your head, but your face would be exposed to the sun. This is where the cooling hat takes the cake. It offers you the added protection of your face been blocked from the rays of the sun and your head been cool.

A cooling hat is without a doubt one of the best ways to cool your whole body down. It is known that the fastest way to cool off and remain cool is from your head. As it is from the head that heat escapes the fastest, and also from your head that the whole body cools off the fastest. So, investing in a good cooling hat is the best way for you to go as it is one of the most effective methods to stay cool when it is hot.