Hand Washing

With so many pollutants and dirt around in the environment, washing your hands becomes essential. Hand hygiene is vital to maintain as it prevents various harmful illness from being transferred into your system. However, it becomes a challenging ordeal to find a clean washroom to clean your hands in when outside, for times like these, Dettol Hand Sanitizer saves the day. However, for a thorough hand clean up, you need to follow a few hand washing steps that lead to germ-free hands.

The importance of washing hands should be taught from an early age by the parents. Children tend to like making a mess and playing in the dirt; it becomes essential to teach them hand washing steps since early on in life. This habit, when carried forward to adult years, prevents germs and bacteria to enter the system.

However, there’s confusion amongst people as to what are the right hand washing steps that one should follow. Washing your hands is not rocket science, with anti-bacterial soaps such as Dettol Hand Wash and following these hand washing steps you can get clean hands. Here’s a comprehensive guide of hand washing steps that will ensure clean hands every time.

Hand Washing Steps for Clean Hands

Step One: Ensure Right Temperature of Water

The water you wash hands with shouldn’t be cold as it won’t wash out the oil and dirt. Whereas, with lukewarm water, you can easily wash off the germs and bacteria. It is also essential to ensure that the water is not too hot, it may feel nice but does more harm than good. Hot water leads to dry hands as it robs them of all the moisture.

Step Two: Use an Effective Handwash

While washing your hands, you must ensure that you use Dettol Hand Wash as it ensures that most germs are annihilated. Lather your hands with the hand wash and ensure that you don’t miss the space between the finger.

Step Three: Give it a Good Rub

Most people believe that once you achieve a lather, you are supposed to wash it off. However, this isn’t true as you should continue rubbing your hands for 20 seconds. This ensures that no dirt or oil remains, and your hands are clean.

Step Four: Wash it Off

Once you are done rubbing your hands with a hand wash, it’s time to wash them. Wash your hands thoroughly with lukewarm water so that no soap residue remains.

Step Five: Dry Off Thoroughly

The last but not the least, make sure to dry your hands off with a clean towel or paper tissue. Avoid using a towel when at a public washroom as multiple other people would have previously used it. Instead, opt for an electrical dyer as it won’t have any germ transfer.

The Takeaway

With these hand washing steps kept in mind, you can be assured that you won’t have any hand borne disease transferred into your system. That’s not all, these hand washing steps also prevent spreading of diseases through the acts of touching, cooking and more. However, you must also make sure to use a pump handwash such as Dettol Hand Wash instead of a bar of soap as the germs from previous wash remain on it. Now, you can rest assured as these hand wash steps will keep you in the best of health.