If you need to buy a new mattress, you should do plenty of research in advance. You want to buy something that will keep you comfortable. Getting information from professionals not in the mattress industry is a good idea because then you will know the advice they provide is genuine and realistic. Start your search online so you know what you are looking for; read city mattress reviews and find out what is best for you.

Schedule an appointment with your physician and talk to him or her about mattress options that might be good for you based on any ailments or conditions you have. While your physician may not be an expert on mattresses, he or she should know of different types of mattresses that are good for the back and body. While searching for mattresses, you will notice that some mattress sellers claim their mattresses are orthopedic. However, no evidence supports this claim, even if a mattress has orthopedic-friendly features.

You should visit the mattress store to test and see how it feels. It is easier to know what you will like if you can test it after buying and sleeping. You do not need to worry if the salesperson is trying to rush you. Take as much time as you need to get a feel for the mattress before deciding if it is right. When you sleep in bed with another person, such as your significant other, you should bring them to the store to test the mattress.

Understand that not all firm mattresses are perfect for people with back problems. You might have heard that firm mattresses are the best choice for those looking to decrease back pain, but that is not necessarily true. Getting a slightly firm mattress that is still a bit soft is often better to increase your comfort. Some people like pillow-top mattresses, but these are only perfect for some. The pillow-top options are often better for heavier people because they provide additional support to keep them from feeling those springs inside the mattress.

Consider getting an adjustable bed. Some people like to sleep in different positions that a traditional mattress simply does not offer.