Private School

Don’t just lose the hope of sending your child to a high-end educational institution, private school or a college just because you get to know that the tuition charged by the private institution is way beyond you earning capacity.

“Where there is a will there is a way”-they say, but at times there are things which you are willing to do but simply cannot because either you are really not putting in the efforts whole-heartedly or the other could be that simply there is no way or maybe you are just not able to find one. We believe the latter one could be the main cause behind your inability to do something. Yes!

If you are a little lost and wish to know the ways with the help of which you can pay for the private school tuition of your child without going bankrupt then we would like to introduce you to various ways in which you can help your child receive the best kind education.

Earn yourself some discounts!

Most institutions prefer receiving the fees in cash and if you are yourself willing to pay the cash upfront then what could be a better option for them. And when you are making a payment by cash you can expect a discount in return. Even if you pay responsibly pay for the tuition on time then you will be earning yourself some discount. Also, timely payments will save you from any penalty.

Make monthly payments

Instead of over-burdening yourself at the beginning of the year or by the end with the huge tuition fees then we would like to beware you not to commit this mistake. It is better to save a little every month or cut-down the expenses each month to take out the monthly instalment instead of paying it all together at the end. Who knows you might not be able to save by the end? We suggest you better not risk your child’s future.

Take financial aid/loan

Loans and financial aids are of great help but people literally refrain themselves from taking up this option. It happens because either there are too high-interest rates or the fear of not being able to return it on time. You can take a loan from a financial institution and another way is to take the financial aid from the school itself.

Also, just for your better information we just want to let you know that loans for educational purposes are easier to get and are inexpensive you must not assume that they are too expensive.

If you are planning to ask for a loan from school in which you are planning to send your child to then another piece of information that we would like to give you is that they follow their own personal criteria on the basis of which they offer loan and financial aid. The aid that they are willing to different students can vary heavily.

Apply to a free school

There are more than a dozen schools that free education in the United States. You need to do thorough research first. The schools offering free education go by their own set of criteria and rules. But it is definitely worth investigating.

Now, when you are well equipped with the knowledge and the information you may start searching for the right school for your child.

Apply for a voucher

Conduct thorough research for the voucher programs so that you know if your state offers one. The state offers it for the cases so that children with special needs can benefit from them. However, the voucher programs may vary from state to state. We suggest you contact a trusted advisor for better and detailed information.

Now, we believe we have to an extent helped solve your worries by suggesting some smart trick and ways which might help you. Now, to further uncomplicate the things we are giving away the names of a few schools that are considered the best in the state. Why? All the institutions thoroughly emphasize and promote creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and acceptance of various cultures in its curriculum. And, for a child to become an all-rounder and successful in life all these habits are necessary to inculcate within.
  • The Windsor School, Flushing, New York
  • The Hilldale School, Dal City, CA
  • Primoris Academy
  • Easton Country Day School, Easton, CT
  • The Carey School, San Mateo, CA