Teaching Assistant

For some people, working with children is a passion and a calling, that’s why they consider a career as a teaching assistant. In this article we are highlighting what the work of a teaching aid comprises so you can have a better understanding whether you want to pursue this career choice or not.

What Does A Teaching Aid Do?

Teaching assistants generally offer assistance in various ways, whether in a pre-school learning establishment, in a classroom or a creche (depending on how old the children are). Typically, many teaching assistants prefer working with children of up to the age of seven. This is a crucial stage of every child’s life since teaching aids are required to assist them with learning all kinds of new things that promotes healthy development that will help them all the way through the rest of childhood.

What Type Of Training Is Necessary For Pursing A Career As A Teaching Assistant?

If you are looking at some of the many positions available for assistants, then ECD (Early Childhood Development) is a necessary requirement for most teaching assistant jobs. Generally, a level 4 certificate in ECD is the national certificate which give an excellent grounding for the role in which you’ll be working with children. It is your responsibility to ensure that they have a rewarding teaching experience. A level 5 certificate in ECD can also be obtained which is referred to as a higher certificate. With this accreditation you can boost your knowledge and experience. You can check out Teaching Assistant Online courses UK to view the different options. It is possible to find employment as a teaching assistant with a level 4 certificate while studying for a higher certificate.

You can also opt for completing these UK courses for employment at schools, while being employed:

  • Level 3 Teaching assistant diploma.
  • Level 2 Certificate for supporting learning and teaching in schools.
  • Level 2 Teaching assistant Certificate
  • Level 3 Award for supporting learning and teaching in schools.
  • Level 3 Certificate for supporting learning and teaching in schools.
  • Level 3 Diploma in specialist support for learning and teaching in schools.

Teaching Assistant Career Opportunities

Several teaching assistants work in a pre-school setting or at a creche. Others work with children who has just started going to school are generally taking part in more organized lessons as opposed to just engaging in a range of games with toddlers. It happens sometimes that a teaching assistant position is available within individual family settings. This is mostly applicable where both parents work and necessitate the services of a full-time or part-time teaching assistant to offer support and teaching assistance to their children. With this kind of role teaching assistants become a part of the family rather than simply be an assistant. This type of career may require you to have all-round skills in different areas, dependant on what the client prefers. If the possibility of assisting children with learning requirements in their early years appeals to you, then a career as a teaching assistant is going to be very rewarding.