Maintain Vapes Correctly

Vape mod through the development stage of voltage regulation, temperature control and super power, the vape mod technology is gradually mature. At present, most vape mods, both single-cell and multi-battery devices, have very strong and stable output capabilities. Although the equipment has maintained a relatively uniform level, but learn a few tricks, you can still keep your hands in the best state at any time.

Replace the battery in the mod in time, and do not wait for the weak power to be replaced.

Changing the battery in time seems to be a good idea for every user, but it is not. Dual battery devices have a slower battery replacement frequency due to the series voltage. But for a single-cell mod, continuous high-power output can quickly drain the battery. The battery after the power consumption cannot reach the high power output capability set by the device, which will directly affect the user experience.

Be careful to clean the condensate or e-liquid near the mod interface.

During the use of the atomizer, it is inevitable that the condensate will accumulate or leak, and even if these liquids are treated, the damage of the mod can be effectively avoided. If not treated in time, the condensate will corrode metal parts such as screws on the top of the main unit. Even for some mods without electrode leakage protection, the liquid may flow into the inside of the mod and cause more damage to the main unit.

Wipe the battery contacts inside the mod and the positive and negative terminals of the battery regularly.

Although the battery contacts inside the mod are mostly gold-plated or silver-plated, they still cannot be oxidized. Regularly wipe the battery contacts, and clean the battery's positive and negative carbon, can ensure the normal current output of the battery, to ensure that the mod can maintain the best output state at any time.

The mod electrode needs to be cleaned frequently, and pay attention to maintenance.

In fact, the electrode interface part is the most problematic part of the mod. Cleaning the electrode part of the oxide during daily use can ensure the link between the mod and the atomizer is smooth. At the same time, if the mod is not used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the atomizer. In particular, the drip atomizer with a long positive screw should be removed in time to reduce the pressure on the mod electrode by the atomizer.

It is recommended that when not in use, remove the cartridge and store the tobacco rod and the cartridge separately. Do not assemble. Also check that there is no condensate at the contact point of the cartridge and wipe it clean in time.

It can be used after a few minutes of oiling and filling with oil. Do not let the unfilled cartridge dry.

The overall structure and working principle of the vape pod are not much different from the common vapes. The atomizing core in the oily pod also takes a certain amount of time to absorb the e-liquid. If no e-liquid or e-liquid is injected into the cartridge, it is not absorbed in time, and the dry oil guide material is easily burned by the heat generated by the heating element.

The vape starter kits have reached frequent use, which can provide users with the easiest way to use and also ensure the safety of users.Recently, there is a new product from vapeciga called Vapefly Jester Vape Pod System DIY Edition. Equipped with 1000mAh battery, it is available to vape all the day. In addition, 2ml pod with the top filling system makes it simplify the refilling. It is efficient to thicken the vapor with 0.5ohm mesh coil and adjustable air-flow design.
There are still some operational details to be aware of when using vape starter kits. If you do not pay attention to these details, it is likely to cause a big discount on the experience, and even damage to the small smoke equipment.

The vape starter kits represents the easiest way to use e-cigarette products, and it has almost reached the cost of learning, so that novice users can quickly use it for cigarettes. The details of the above five points that need attention are very easy for many users to ignore. With a little attention, the vape starter kits will enable users to experience a very convenient and convenient way of replacing cigarettes.

Regardless of the type of vape device, it is important to maintain regular maintenance. For the mod, the timed maintenance can ensure that the device will not be damaged and prolong its service life. At the same time, it can also ensure the output capability of the mod, maintain the most powerful output performance at any time, and provide continuous power to the atomizer, so that users can get the best experience.