Node JS is one of the most popular platforms for full stack web development. Node JS manages JavaScript both at the client and server side. Due to this, the majority of developers are now focusing on Node JS as a platform of choice for project development. From small scale enterprises to large business organizations, most companies are willing to invest behind Node due to the powerful features it provides. And this, in turn, gave rise to Node JS developer India. There are many companies that provide Node JS development services, and this article would take a look at the top 7 such companies in India.

Top 7 companies

  • MetaDesign Solutions (MDS): MDS is one of the renowned Node JS development companies in India. They offer full stack solutions to the clients. From creating a Node JS app to hosting it to the server, the company provides full support to the clients throughout the software development life cycle. Some of their areas of expertise include Node JS development, frontend and backend development, JavaScript development, cloud computing, and etc.
  • Openxcell: Openxcell provides top-notch node JS developmental services as their main area of expertise include Node and JavaScript development. They offer dynamic web development services like real-time applications, data streaming apps, networking apps, building APIs for the server-side, and etc.
  • Enuke software: Enuke software focuses on leveraging the full potential of Node JS for full-stack projects. The Node JS development company uses high-end JavaScript on Node framework to develop complex projects for various segments. They take pride in providing quality coders at the client’s service.
  • Rize corp: Rize corp provides full-stack solutions based on Node JS. They mostly focus on MEAN stack – MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS, and Node JS. They take pride in integrating multiple libraries and packages to build Node JS applications.
  • Cognitive clouds: Cognitive clouds have teams of highly qualified and experienced developers who can provide complete Node JS solutions to their clients. Their areas of expertise include JavaScript, Node JS, Mongo DB, backend architecture building, microservices architecture, and etc.
  • Ezeelive: Founded in India, Ezeelive lives up to expectations when it comes to Node JS development. They specialize in understanding customer objectives and converting them into real-time projects with the help of Node JS framework. Ezeelive specializes in Node JS, API development, integration of complex Node JS packages, SDK integration, and etc.
  • Tech UZ: Tech UZ, though USA based company, stands as one of the best Node JS development firms in India. If history and records to go by should be the parameter of judgment, Tech UZ stands as one of the best companies when it comes to customer satisfaction. They have dedicated teams of Node JS developers in India who specializes in Node JS Progressive Web Apps, Single Page Apps, API creations, NoSQL and MySQL databases, and etc.


It is always advisable to go for the renowned Node.js development company as not all companies out there can fully adapt themselves with the fast-changing Node JS ecosystem. Hence, before clients hire Node JS developers in India, they must look at the technical factors, skills, and experience of developers, the history of the company, client satisfaction record, and etc. Once a company passes these parameters, the client should be fine working with them.