Booth Design

If you plan on attending a brand trade expo this year, consider getting your own booth. If you can afford to buy a booth, putting together the most comprehensive design should be your utmost priority. Assuming you have an innovative product that will attract potential clients and partners, the visual display is one of the main things that get people’s attention. So, if you are considering investing in a custom booth, do not be wary of being creative and research your options.

Once you have decided on an exhibit partner suiting your brand’s objectives, communicating your needs and wishes in your booth design is essential. A skilled expo booth builder can create the best possible design for your needs if given all the necessary details, guidance, and a little freedom. If you nail this balance, you will reap a plethora of benefits. Here are a few key things to include in your booth this year:

Your company profile

In addition to the general overview of your brand and the products or services you sell, this is also the time to discuss any awards you may have received. Provide pictures of how your business fits into the industry landscape and display your competitiveness. One way to achieve that is by putting the images on a screen in the back. This way, you can stream all the time while discussing things with potential partners or clients.

New launches

People want to know what is new with your company. Are you working on a new product? Do you have something that is launching soon? Mention these, as well as other things slated for the upcoming year. People interested in your work would love to know more about everything, so if you are rebranding or having a forthcoming milestone celebration, include them as well! Your booth design must show graphics representative of your brand. Let professionals ensure your new launch is professionally photographed and displayed attractively so it looks truly spectacular.

Marketing objectives

Once you know your goal this year, you will be able to avoid any issues you have had with past show booths. When talking to your expo consultant, clearly outline your objectives, so he or she can help you get a look that compliments your brand and works perfectly in the existing space. If relevant, try to outline your brand message and history. This will help you avoid creating things that are off-brand. To ensure satisfactory results, you can also make a list of guidelines.


Talk about your experience. People would love to see what you have done and what you think about doing in the future. Include your history, how many shows you attend annually, and the typical size of your booths. Also, remember to emphasize this current trade show: attendance members, overall space size, size of the booth, dates, etc.

You can include many other things in your design. If you would like more ideas, browse through the pages on his website or call one of our exhibit experts. We will be happy to give you advice.