The Medley of Rakhi

India is a land of festivals. Each festival celebrated on this land has associated customs, traditions, and significance. And, Raksha Bandhan is no exception. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated throughout India to strengthen the brother-sister bond. The festival exhibits myriad shades in different countries, let’s take a look at some of them.
  1. Narali Purnima in Maharashtra: Since Maharashtra is situated along the coast, it is a coastal state of India. The people of Maharashtra celebrated Narali Purnima along with Raksha Bandhan on the full moon day of Shravan. To mark the celebrations, devotees pay homage to Lord Varuna by offering coconut to the sea. This ritual is mainly observed by the Koli community. For fisherfolks, it is the beginning of the fishing season and they celebrate it by offering prayers to the Sea God to protect them from calamities. Coconut rice is the main dish of this day.
  2. Rakhi Lumba in Rajasthan: North Indians commemorate the festival of Raksha Bandhan by tying rakhi on the hands of their brothers and wishing for their longevity. While the brothers in return pledge to protect their sisters lifelong. However, in the Marwari and Rajasthani tradition, a sister ties rakhi to both her brother and sister-in-law. The rakhi tied by a sister to her sister-in-law (brother’s wife) is known as Lumba. The community believes that because the wife is the better half of the brother. They are meant to be one, so the sister will tie rakhi to her brother and sister-in-law to take blessings and wishes from both. But, nowadays, people in other parts of India too celebrate the tradition of Lumba rakhi. If you have a sister-in-law whom you love as much as your brother, then buy lumba rakhi for her to double the celebrations. In case your bhaiya bhabhi lives far away from you, then send them rakhi online and make both of them feel loved.
  3. Pavitropana in Gujarat: In the city of Gujarat, the day of Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated as Pavitropana. Sisters adorn the hands of their loving brothers with beautiful rakhis. Tying of Lumba rakhi is also a tradition in Gujarat. Additionally, on this auspicious day, many people offer water to Lord Shiva and seek his blessings. The offerings are given to Lord Shiva for asking forgiveness for their sins.
  4. Kajari Purnima in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh: In the states of Madhya Pradesh and Bihar, this day is observed as Kajari Purnima. As this day marks the beginning of the agriculture season, the festival is very important for the farmers.
  5. Jhulan Purnima in West Bengal and Odisha: Jhoolan Poornima or Jhulan Yatra is a five-day-long ritual of Shri. Krishna and Radha swinging jhula, hence the name. The celebrations start on the Pavitra Ekadashi and finally comes to realization on Raksha Bandhan day. The sisters also pray for their brothers to Lord Krishna and Radha.
  6. Jandhyam Purnima in Uttrakhand: People in Uttrakhand celebrate the festival of Raksha Bandhan and Janopunyu together as both fall on the full moon in the month of Shravan.
Raksha Bandhan is celebrated throughout India in varied colour, but the spirit of love and brotherhood is common to all.