Low-tech Gadgets

We make calls with a single tap on a touchscreen, and we have apps that keep track of how many steps we take. Sometimes it’s easy to lose the bigger picture and believe that everything that’s low-tech should go to that place where inferior technologies go to die. However, as mundane as they may sound, these low-tech gadgets are still relevant today, and for no other reason that they continue to be useful.

Shoe tying tools

Are still people using those? Apparently so, as if you want to wear a pair of Converse shoes and you find it difficult to tie your shoelaces due to pain in your fingers or even arthritis, you’ll be more than grateful for such a tool. Small enough to fit inside a wallet, a shoe tying tool is an ideal way to tie your shoelaces fast, no matter where you are.

Spring scales

With so many digital gadgets around, it may seem counter-intuitive to keep spring scales around. Still, they remain relevant in this day and age, due to the fact that they are quite accurate, portable, and also easy to use in various situations.

Handheld graters

Don’t people have food processors now? That’s probably the first question that pops into your head when you hear this. Handheld graters, however, present plenty of advantages that food processors don’t.

For instance, if you only need to grate a carrot to sprinkle over your salad, putting your food processor to work seems a bit of overkill. Plus, you only have to run the grater through cold water a few times, and it will be spotless, while a food processor requires you to take it apart and wash all the components.

Small shopping carts

We’re talking about the kind of shopping cart you can drag after you without worrying that you might not be able to buy everything you need. And you can take it with you to a shopping mall without a problem. If you live close by, you only need to take the cart with you home, and you’ll be set for all your groceries.

Get a foldable model if you only need to pull the cart to the trunk of your car. This way, you won’t have to return the shopping cart from the store to its place, and you will find shopping a more convenient chore.

Folding step stools

There can be different situations when you have to reach things that are too high up for your height. That is when a step stool can come in handy. Make sure that you get one that is sturdy enough so that you don’t put yourself in danger when you need to reach a high shelf or you must dust a ceiling fan.


Every smartphone or smartwatch or smart device seems to have a calculator incorporated in it. Nonetheless, you can still find calculators – in physical shape – and some people are even using them. At various workplaces or in schools, the old calculator still continues to live, although it might not be long until it becomes obsolete.

Phone books

If you want information on someone else, you either Google his or her name, or go to Facebook. There are so many different ways to get in contact with someone that you might believe that phones books have to be a thing of the past.

Therefore, you might be surprised to learn that phone books are still in print today. Some companies still use them, and they are a low-tech solution for looking up someone’s phone number. Back in the days, they were quite useful, and they appear to continue to be so.