Emotional Support

Death is inevitable. It can come at any time and any place. For some, it is a sudden phenomenon while for others it is a gradual decline in their health condition that leads to death. For the latter situation, things can become quite difficult for the patient and their family. Particularly speaking about the patient, every second brings them closer to death; thus, they experience frustration, depression, and other such feelings that really hamper their mental health.

In such a daunting phase, their near and dear ones can make things a little easier for them. Although they themselves are going through the trauma of being on the verge of losing a loved one; however, only they can make the last few days of the patient more comfortable for them both physically and mentally.

The most important thing for the patient, in this phase, is emotional support and care and this can only be provided by their closed ones. Here are a few ways you can provide support and care to your loved ones if they suffer from a fatal disease and are nearing the time to leave this world:

The first, and the most important thing is to spend time with them. 

Nothing can provide respite to them more than the company of the people they love in this condition. Therefore, even if it is difficult for you, make special efforts to take time out no matter how hectic your schedule is. You will definitely cherish this time and the memories you have made forever.

Encourage the patient to vent out their feelings. 

Try and be a good listener. This is what providing emotional support is about. As stated above, the patient is already going through a lot. Knowing that they have someone who is always there to listen to their stories provides great respite to them. Venting out their frustration can also help them to feel better.

If their health condition permits, take them to a vacation. 

Select the location that was in their wish-list and is easily reachable since most of the patients nearing death can’t travel much. It will provide them with an opportunity to escape from the depressing and stressful atmosphere of the hospital and find solace in the beauty of nature. Even if this vacation lasts for a couple of days, it can prove to be a positive getaway for them.

Make hospice care arrangements for them. 

This is necessary as even when you are not around, you will not have to worry about the patient as the hospice has them covered. Hospice care includes numerous services including medical care, respite, general care, companionship, assistance to perform routine activities, etc. For the best services, contact Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care as they are one of the most sought-after hospice care centers in LA. They are certified, experienced staff, and are always willing to walk an extra mile for the well-being of the patient and their loved ones.

It is to be noted that hospice aims towards providing relief to patients from the pain they suffer. It doesn’t intend to cure the patient. One qualifies for this type of care when they have 6 months to live. If the patient survives this period, they can still continue getting hospice care. Some hospice care centers such as Good Heart Hospice & Palliative Care offer additional services such as light housekeeping and toileting assistance etc. Thus, it is recommended to get an initial consultation, which is free of cost, if you have a loved one who is suffering from a fatal condition.

To sum it up, taking care of a patient is a tough job. 

However, it becomes even tougher if the patient has limited time to live. It not only takes a toll on the mental health of the patient but their near and dear ones as well. The key here is to stay positive, do not let the gloomy feeling take over you, and devote all your energy, love, and care to the dying person so that leave this world with contentment.