Cross Jewelry

There is much controversy about the trend of wearing religious jewelry without fully understanding its meaning. Fashion houses and stylists have increasingly turned cross necklaces, crucifixes, rosaries, and medallions into glamorous ornaments. Their sole purpose is to adorn the necklines, wrists, and fingers. More often than not, the trend begins with actresses, singers, and celebrities who flaunt this kind of jewelry. Naturally, it leads to the spreading of religious-themed fashion among those who admire these celebrities and the fashion brands they rock.

If you wear religious jewelry light-headedly, you let it weaken; from the most profound and most authentic spiritual symbolism, you turn it into mundane trinkets. The juxtaposition between the sacred and the profane has always existed, but only today can we see how easily we move from one to another. The most unfortunate thing is that, in most cases, people wear these ornaments without knowing their meaning, not only by blasphemy but also by ignorance.

Why People Wear Religious Jewelry

Of course, most people would put on silver cross pendants or rosary bracelets because they are believers. For them, such accessories remind them of Christ's suffering for our sins. As a rule, they choose discreet and modest items that won't catch the eye and that can easily be hidden under the clothes. After all, religion is not for everyone to see; it is private.

The second reason, and we have already discussed it, is fashion. People still argue if it is right or wrong to flaunt crosses and crucifixes as a fashion statement. Fashion advocates say a cross doesn't belong to the church, so it can't be associated exclusively with religion. And if so, nobody can forbid using a pattern of two crossing bars in jewelry and outfit designs. Those who condemn the use of religious imagery in fashion say that it offends the feelings of believers. Both parties have a common sense. However, it doesn't stop fashionistas from trying new jewelry with religious motifs. Unlike crosses worm by pious Christians, they gravitate to large, massive, generously embellished items that should attract attention.

Finally, some people wear jewelry with religious symbols to outrage the public and show contempt for things people believe in. If fashionistas can inadvertently offend the feelings of believers, then these people have this intention in their hearts. For them, a leftfield ornament is a protest against what is accepted in society, against Puritan norms, and enslaving morality. Do not confuse these rebels with bikers or Goths, for example. There are many believers among the former, so even incongruous jewelry featuring crosses can symbolize faith. The Goths may not believe in God but believe in the magical properties of crosses and religious attributes. For Goths, a cross is a way to enlist the support of otherworldly forces rather than a way to shock.

So is It Right or Wrong?

A cross necklace on a person's neck is not always a desire to follow fashion or be trendy. In fact, for a Christian, there is nothing wrong with trying to make spirituality tangible. A crucifix pendant or a rosary made with a modern twist won't diminish its spiritual value, especially if these items carry the words of a prayer. If you are a Christian, you should wear cross jewelry with pride and conscience daily since it symbolizes salvation and a testimony of faith.