People don't think of Mac Protector the first time they buy a Macbook, but as soon as something bad happens. They realize it and search for the best option to protect their laptop. Most research MacBook Air cases, choose one they like and leave it at that. The problem is the most exposed parts of our laptops aren't covered by a patient. Points help the exterior, primarily if you work in several locations and carry your computer daily. But the keyboard and the screen are much less durable than the outside of your MacBook Air (or even your MacBook Pro), so you need additional protection to keep them.

What to Look For In A MacBook Air Protector

After deciding that your MacBook Air deserves a screen protector, you have to determine the kind you want. Much like choosing between a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air, the differences may be subtle but significant.

The first quality you want from a MacBook Air screen protector is that it fits your screen like a glove. Too many manufacturers provide a single solution for every device available. Most companies don't see the need to distinguish between a Mac or PC screen protector, much less between sizes of screens or types of devices. We see things differently.

Another important consideration is how you want your Apple screen protector to function. Do you want it to be a transparent barrier that is barely noticeable when you're working? Or are you looking for a screen protector that is more obvious but stops any harsh glare on your screen? Both options have benefits and drawbacks, but no matter which side of the fence you fall on, we've got a Mac screen protector for you.

Lastly, you want your MacBook Air screen protector to fit seamlessly with your laptop. Some MacBook Air screen protectors are too thick for your computer to shut appropriately. Some consumers might assume that a thicker film means more protection for your screen, but all it means is your computer is never shut and, therefore, more likely to get damaged. You'll find that our Apple screen protectors are slim and allow for the full functionality of your laptop. It's like they were meant to fit your Mac.